Viroc valorises the certifications LEED® and BREEAM® for buildings

By investing on the construction model, Viroc Portugal has been adapting to the current technical requirements of the market.

Both LEED® and BREEAM® Certifications are made up of a set of rules that assess the level of sustainability of infrastructures and buildings, through a scoring system.

This score is related to the fulfilment of several requirements that the certifications demand, evaluating all areas of the project such as health and well-being, energy efficiency, reduction of carbon emissions, efficiency of water resources, efficiency of construction materials, management waste, minimize the environmental impact of the area, reduce pollution and empower the innovation.

Viroc panels can contribute to the acquisition of points in infrastructures and buildings that are applying to obtain LEED® and BREEAM® Certifications in the health and well-being category.

Viroc panels don’t contain harmful substances such as asbestos and its emission of volatile organic compounds is reduced.

BREEAM International Attestation

LEED v4.1 Confirmation


Photo: Narofsky Architecture 

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