Viroc, the right choice for competitively priced homes

Building homes at accessible prices is an ongoing challenge all around the world. Finding materials that provide the right balance between cost, durability, aesthetics and sustainability is crucial to achieve this goal. Among the many options available, Viroc is a popular and effective choice. But what makes Viroc so special compared to other building materials? Let us explore its properties and benefits to find out why it can be the ideal solution for economic housing.

What is Viroc?

Viroc combines the resistance of cement with the flexibility of wood, resulting in a versatile and robust product. It is widely used in a variety of applications, from linings for façades, walls and floors, to modular construction and even furniture.

Advantages of Viroc


One of the biggest benefits of Viroc is its price. Compared to other building materials such as bricks, concrete or steel, Viroc tends to be cheaper. This is down to its composition and manufacturing process.

Durability and Resistance

Viroc is highly resistant to impacts, fire and dampness. Its durability makes it an excellent choice for homes in regions with harsh climates. While wood can deteriorate and concrete can crack over time, Viroc maintains its structural integrity, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and repairs.

Easy installation

Thanks to its format (panels), compared to other materials Viroc is easier to handle and install. This not only accelerates the building process, but also reduces labour costs during construction. The versatility of the panels allow them to be cut and manipulated easily to adapt to different designs and specifications.


Sustainability is a growing concern in the construction sector. It is pointed out that Viroc products are an important source of carbon retention, helping mitigate climate change. The wood used in the products captures tonnes of CO2, thus decreasing the greenhouse effect. Viroc is made from wood acquired solely from sustainable sources, and it is a material that enhances energy efficiency, as such diminishing the energy needed to heat and cool down buildings. Using Viroc can lead to significant improvements in the environmental and economic performance of buildings and in the quality of life of their occupants.

Versatile appearance of materials

Viroc has a modern and elegant look that can be adapted to different architectural styles. The surface of the panels can be left raw for an industrial appearance, or can be painted and/or a variety of finishes applied to suit different aesthetic tastes.

Viroc is a balanced solution that combines the strong points of several different construction materials. It is reasonably priced, durable, easy to install, sustainable and versatile in terms of its appearance, making it the ideal choice for competitively priced homes. With the increase in demand of sustainable housing, Viroc stands out as a practical and efficient alternative, contributing to the creation of comfortable and safe properties.

Opting for Viroc is an intelligent decision for builders and architects who are seeking a balance between cost and quality, offering residents decent and long-lasting homes without compromising their budget.

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