Viroc outdoor furniture: natural look, safety and durability

Furniture and equipment installed in public or private outdoor areas, as well as being useful, comfortable and safe, must be made of appropriate materials as they are intensely exposed to weathering.

Functionality, durability, good performance, comfort, rationality and beauty are essential features for outdoor furniture.

In public areas, the term “urban furniture” is an extremely broad concept and has grown in relevance over recent years with the ongoing and growing renovation of towns and cities. Benches, tables, flowerbeds, shelters, lampposts, rubbish bins, sunshades, water fountains, signs, among other items, all come under the scope of what can be deemed urban furniture.

Given that is plays an essential role in the planning and beautifying of a city and quality of life of the local community, outdoor furniture is increasingly intertwined with design and the correct choice of materials.

Comfort and safety are important factors to take into consideration, as well as the ability to transmit the identity of the city through the colours, materials and shapes selected. A friendly city is one that, in urban planning, prioritises the quality of life, provides urban solutions for the community and invests in projects that bring long-term benefits.

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Private outdoor spaces, whether residential or not, are generally designed to provide moments of escape, relaxation and socialising, so they should be well planned and decorated, combining the necessary durability of the material with comfort and warmth. Natural materials such as stone, wood and fibres, with modern or rustic designs, and the use of fabrics tailored to outdoor use transmit a feeling of cosiness and proximity.

The use of Viroc panels for outdoor furniture is becoming more and more popular. Strong and durable, the panels have a heterogeneous appearance, with randomly different tones resulting from the colours of the raw materials used and the chemical reactions, endowing the item with a natural look.

Produced in 6 different colours (grey, black, white, yellow, red and ochre) the pigmentation of the panels occurs during their manufacture, leading to a vast range of shades and ensuring the beauty and singularity of each project.

Outdoor furniture, using any material or finish, requires regular maintenance to guarantee the durability of the piece and conserve its characteristics. Outdoor facilities and furniture that use Viroc should receive suitable protection.

The Viroc panels should be painted or varnished to make them more resistant to exposure to the elements, especially when applied outdoors, in order to seal the pores and provide protection from the effects of solar radiation, rain and temperature variations. Sealing the panel on all its surfaces and edges increases its durability and dimensional stability.

See the various Viroc outdoor furniture projects here for inspiration!

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