Viroc and Valchromat make their mark at the ZEG event

The renowned ZEG event, one of the largest gatherings of the construction and architecture sector in Europe, welcomed the participation of the Viroc and Valchromat brands on 22 September at Ulm Messe GmbH. With their sustainable and versatile building material solutions, these two brands stood out among the exhibitors, leaving a strong impression on the public and the industry.

ZEG is known for attracting the main players in the construction and architecture industry, offering a unique platform for the presentation of new technologies and innovative trends. The participation of Viroc and Valchromat not only complemented the event, but also cemented their reputation as leaders in ecological material solutions.

Both brands received positive feedback from visitors and business partners during the event. Their innovative and environmentally friendly solutions are in line with the growing market demand for building materials that combine sustainability and performance.

ZEG was the perfect setting for Viroc and Valchromat to demonstrate their commitment to excellence and sustainability. As the construction industry continues to evolve towards more sustainable practices, these brands are at the forefront, offering solutions that inspire and shape the future of construction and architecture.

João Fonseca, Harald Wichmann

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