Viroc and Valchromat at the 7th edition of Hotels & Architects Suppliers

The Hotel Meliá Lisboa Aeroporto opened its doors to welcome the 7th edition of Hotels & Architects Suppliers (HAS), a prestigious event that promotes networking between the architecture and hospitality sectors in Portugal. Organised by Publituris HOTELARIA, CONSTRUIR newspaper and Traço magazine, this event brought together the main professionals and companies in these sectors for a day full of networking and business opportunities.

HAS is known for providing a favourable environment for the exchange of ideas and the establishment of partnerships between architects, interior designers, hotel managers and supplier companies.

Both brands stood out not only for the quality of their products, but also for their commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation. Viroc and Valchromat have shown a strong commitment to producing construction and decoration materials that respect the highest environmental standards, which makes them ideal partners for hotel projects that prioritise excellence and environmental responsibility.

The Hotels & Architects Suppliers event continues to be a prominent platform for the architecture and hospitality industries in Portugal, and the active participation of Viroc and Valchromat in this event only reinforces the importance of collaboration between the sectors. Through initiatives like this, the companies can drive innovation and excellence in hotel projects, contributing to the creation of memorable spaces for guests.

At the end of Hotels & Architects Suppliers 2023, it was clear that Viroc and Valchromat left a lasting mark on this event, inspiring the participants and opening new possibilities for the future of architecture and hospitality in Portugal. Their presence reflected these brands’ ongoing commitment to raising industry standards and offering high-quality solutions to the professionals who shape the country’s hotel scene.

Raquel Matela – Vanessa Seixas

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