Viroc and Valchromat at Oporto 2023 Urban Rehabilitation Week

The Oporto 2023 Urban Rehabilitation Week, which took place between 6 and 8 November, was enriched by the active participation of Viroc and Valchromat.

During the event, the two brands shared their perspectives and expertise, offering valuable insight into the application of sustainable and innovative materials in the rehabilitation of urban areas.

Viroc, recognised for its durability and aesthetic appearance, presented its latest innovations, demonstrating how their characteristics have increased the quality and performance of urban structures.

Valchromat emphasised the importance of quality and versatility in the renovation of urban spaces, showing how it is possible to add aesthetic and functional value to rehabilitation interventions.

Carlos Baião da Cruz, CEO of Investwood, emphasised the importance of the conscious use of materials in construction, showing how the combination of innovation, sustainability and design can positively transform the urban environment.

The presence of Viroc and Valchromat at the Oporto 2023 Urban Rehabilitation Week was key to inspiring professionals in the sector and promoting a constructive dialogue on best practices in the revitalisation of urban areas. The event proved to be an essential space for exchanging knowledge and experiences, boosting the progress and quality of urban regeneration interventions.

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