Viroc A2 – The non-combustible Viroc panel 

We present the new Viroc A2 panel, which is a revolution in fire safety in buildings. Developed after years of research and innovation, Viroc A2 redefines the performance and safety standards of construction materials. 

Fire safety does not begin with warning signs, alarm buttons and fire extinguishers, but rather with how building are constructed. Minimising the damage caused by fires and associated tragedies depends to a large extent on how the construction or refurbishment materials used react to fire. 

The classification of the construction materials is regulated throughout the European Union. The EN 13501-1:2018 standard, also known as “Euroclasses”, defines seven fire reaction classes for materials, ranging from A1 (products with the least contribution to fire) to F (materials with the most contribution to fire). 

he class is assigned based on a series of tests that simulate different scenarios. These tests take into account several factors, such as the extent of the damage, the propagation of the fire, the release of heat, the production of smoke and falling droplets/debris. 


Fire Reaction Class A2-s1, d0  

Designed to comply with the strictest safety requirements, Viroc A2 has a A2-s1, d0 class as per the EN 13501-1. This means that it is a non-combustible panel, and in the event of fire practically no smoke or droplets (flaming droplets) are generated.  


Meaning of the A2-s1, d0 fire reaction class 

The first figure indicates the flammability of the material, A2 = non-combustible product. The “s” corresponds to the generation of smoke in the event of fire, s1 = practically no smoke production. The formation of droplets (flaming droplets) is indicated by the “d”, d0 = no droplets are formed. 


By fully complying with the requirements of the European standard, Viroc A2 supplies a reliable and regulated solution. The results of the fire reaction tests and their Euroclass classification are guarantees of the exceptional quality and performance of the material. 

Viroc A2 is available in grey(1), in thicknesses of 12mm and 19 mm(2) and in the following dimensions: 2600 x 1250 mm and 3000 x 1250 mm.  

Whether for new buildings or to rennovate existing structures, Viroc A2 stands out as the ideal choice for those wanting to prioritise safety and durability. Viroc A2 allows you to build with confidence, in the knowledge that you are investing in the protection and wellbeing of everybody. 


(1) Other colours can be produced upon consultation. 

(2) Other thicknesses can be produced upon consultation. 

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