VALCHROMAT by Investwood

Valchromat® A Forest of Colour

Valchromat is a panel made of wood fibres coloured in the production process. The fibres are impregnated with organic colouring agents and chemically bound to one another by a special resin which lends Valchromat unique physicochemical features, allows exploring the third dimension, the beauty of textures and the best of engineering.

Valchromat added value of comes not only from color, but from the distinct composition.


Valchromat is an evolution of the MDF

Main features

– Moisture resistant

– Higher density

– Higher mechanical strength

– Allows working in three dimensions – mechanization

– Lower abrasion of tools


Valchromat is produced in different colours, sizes and thicknesses. For further information,  please check Valchromat Technical Data Sheet.

Valchromat Fire Retardant is also available. Valchromat Fire Reaction Valchromat panel is B-s2, d0 according to Standard EN 13501.  

Light Grey | Grey | Black | Chocolate Brown | Yellow | Orange | Red | Blue | Green Mint | Khaki

Thicknesses and Dimensions

Thicknesses (mm): 8 | 12 | 16 | 19 | 30
Dimensions (mm): 2440 x 1220 | 2440 x 1830 | 3660 x 1220 | 3660 x 2440 or others under request.

ColourProductThickness (MM)Dimension (MM)Sample Request
White Grey
8 | 8* | 12 | 16 | 19 | 19* | 302440x1220 | 2440x1830 | 3660x1220 | 3660x2440
Light Grey
8 | 8* | 12 | 16 | 19 | 19* | 302440x1220 | 2440x1830 | 3660x1220 | 3660x2440
8 | 8* | 12 | 16 | 19 | 19* | 302440x1220 | 2440x1830 | 3660x1220 | 3660x2440
8 | 8* | 12 | 16 | 19 | 19* | 302440x1220 | 2440x1830 | 3660x1220 | 3660x2440
8 | 8* | 12 | 16 | 19 | 19* | 302440x1220 | 2440x1830 | 3660x1220 | 3660x2440
8 | 8* | 12 | 16 | 19 | 19* | 302440x1220 | 2440x1830 | 3660x1220 | 3660x2440
8 | 8* | 12 | 16 | 19 | 19* | 302440x1220 | 2440x1830 | 3660x1220 | 3660x2440
8 | 8* | 12 | 16 | 19 | 19* | 302440x1220 | 2440x1830 | 3660x1220 | 3660x2440
8 | 8* | 12 | 16 | 19 | 19* | 302440x1220 | 2440x1830 | 3660x1220 | 3660x2440
Green Mint
8 | 8* | 12 | 16 | 19 | 19* | 302440x1220 | 2440x1830 | 3660x1220 | 3660x2440
8 | 8* | 12 | 16 | 19 | 19* | 302440x1220 | 2440x1830 | 3660x1220 | 3660x2440

Other colors and thicknesses available on request


*Valchromat Fire Resistant


In 1996, in the research department of Valbopan, SA factory, in Famalicão da Nazaré, a research project is started to develop and improve wood-based products already on the market.

In 1998, a unique and innovative product is developed. Wood-based, with colour throughout the thickness and specific features of physical and mechanical resistance: Valchromat is born.

Valchromat is launched in Paris during the Approfal fair.
Valbopan, SA is awarded with the 1st prize of Product Introduction and 1st Prize for Technological Innovation.

Since then, this product has been subjected to several industrial tests which enabled it to reach the state of maturity where it is today. In cooperation with manufacturers, architects and technicians, the economic, technical and aesthetic benefits of its use have clearly been demonstrated.

Currently, as a result of an exceptional commitment to promote it among architects, designers, decorators and carpenters, Valchromat is present in the four corners of the world, with an extensive network of distributors.



Made in Portugal

Valchromat is produced in Portugal.


On the surface small wood fibres are visible, fibres which did not absorb the organic dyes. This peculiarity gives Valchromat its unique and natural look. Because wood, it’s main raw material, has natural variations in tonality, Valchromat can also show variations in colour. 

Moisture Resistant

Valchromat is classified as an MDF.HLS, it is a panel that can be used as a structural element to support loads in humid environments.


It has a higher density than a normal MDF, being more homogeneous throughout the thickness.

Mechanical resistance

Greater resistance to flexion, elasticity modulus and internal cohesion, which allow its use in structural applications such as pavements supported by beams and structural walls.

Ease of Mechanizing / Milling

One of the mechanical characteristics that the panel has is the ease of being mechanized / milled without crumbling its interior.

Lower abrasion of tools

When cut, drilled or mechanized / milled it causes less tool wear.

Loose Fibers

When the panel is varnished or painted, the repulsion that arises after applying the finish is minimal.


Valchromat panels must be stored in a covered area, protected from sunlight and rain, with a flat and horizontal base. The pallets must be placed on supports with sufficient height (≥8 cm) to allow easy access with a forklift. The maximum distance between supports should not exceed 80 cm.

If the pallets are piled on top of each other, all the support bases must be aligned to prevent deformation.


Whenever possible, the handling of the panels should be performed using appropriate equipment, such as forklifts or plate lifts.

When the panels have to be moved manually, they must be moved one by one, in the vertical position, in order to remain flat and without deforming. their movement should not be performed without sufficient people being present.

Good manual handling practices should be followed, using the appropriate personal protective equipment and following the rules of European Health and Safety legislation.

Cutting, drilling and machining

Boards can be cut, drilled and machined with power or compressed air tools commonly used in carpentry or mechanical metalwork.

Appropriate personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves, goggles, etc. should be worn.


The cutting of Valchromat boards must be performed with circular saws with high wear-resistant carbide (tungsten) cutters. To make multiple cuts or to cut boards with a thickness of 19 mm or greater, a horizontal cutting table should be used. The cutting table will increase profitability.


Drilling should be performed with non-impact drills using HSS (High Speed Steel) drills suitable for drilling wood.

Edge machining

Simple edge machining can be carried out on site using a portable router.

Using the correct cutter, edges can be made by: Bevelling, rounding, grooving, etc.


Valchromat panels have unique properties making them higher density than standard MDF fibreboard, which together with the fact they are not toxic makes them a perfect solution for furniture making. It is the preferred material of carpenters, given that there is no need to add edging for a perfect finish after they have been cut. Suitable and properly sharpened tools should be used.

Whenever possible, panels from a single batch should be used to avoid possible differences in shades among different production batches. Valchromat panels are waterproof, but when they are used in damp zones a coating of varnish is recommended to avoid fungi or mould.

Decorative Panels

Valchromat_Aplicações_Painéis Decorativos_3

Their density and capacity to be machine worked, whether through CNC or manually, make Valchromat panels ideal as decorative items. Taking full advantage of their colour for original and 3D designs, the panels come to life.

Partition Walls

Valchromat panels are the ideal solution as a lining for walls. You can combine different colours or create contrasts with other materials. The panels can be machine worked, lending your walls a 3D effect.

Furthermore, panels provide acoustic insulation and thermal comfort. You can varnish or wax the surface.

False Ceilings

Valchromat panels applied to the ceiling will upgrade your project through the creation of original environments. Use Valchromat panels if you want to enhance the comfort of your space in terms of aesthetics, temperature and sound.



Valchromat panels allow you to create different plans and solutions for your flooring. The panels can be machine worked, creating different textures. The colour selected can also lend a touch of elegance to the space, making the location warmer or colder. Highly resistant to wear and tear, the panels are suited for this purpose.




Valchromat panels are suitable for Shopfitting as they can be used for making furniture and lining surfaces, among other uses. The clean and modern finish can be combined with other less natural materials to make your articles stand out.

Resistant to loads and coloured throughout their thickness, these panels are ideal for commercial premises.

Exhibition Stands

Valchromat panels are the ideal choice to design exhibition stands. Versatile and easy the adapt, they can be set up as authentic works of art.

The colour, throughout the whole thickness of the panels, and the vast choice, allows a multitude of solutions. As an extremely resistant panel, it can be used on a large scale.



Valchromat panels are waterproof, but when they are used in damp zones a coating of varnish is recommended to avoid fungi or mould. Not recommended for kitchen worktops.


Valchromat_Aplicações_Casas de Banho 1

Valchromat panels are an ideal solution for bathroom furniture because they are moisture resistant, have low abrasion levels and are highly mechanically resistant, although it is recommended that they are not used in places where they come into direct contact with water. A coating of varnish should be applied.

It is the preferred material of carpenters, given that there is no need to add edging for a perfect finish after they have been cut.



Valchromat panels are a perfect option when designing kitchens, for fixed surfaces and furniture. There is no need to add edging on the finish, as the panels can be cut to give a finish equal to the surface.

We recommend varnishing the panels when they are used in humid zones and we remind you the panels should not be placed in zones that come into direct contact with water.

We do not recommend the panels as a kitchen worktop, as they can be sharp utensils can cause scratches and hot and wet items can leave marks.



Valchromat panels can be used in the construction of doors, as they are highly resistant in mechanical terms. Thanks to their mechanical properties, metal items may be attached and the panels may be cut without losing any of their features.


Design is synonymous with Valchromat.

The main properties of Valchromat panels are their high density, maintenance of colour throughout their thickness and their excellent capacity to be mechanically adapted. They can be used in highly complex work, on different surfaces and in combination with other materials.

The modern look and clean finish make these panels perfect both for interior design and the creation of a range of objects.


Coloured throughout

Easy to machine

Non toxic

Load Resistant

Tool Friendly

Moisture Resistant

Fire Resistant


Coloured throughout

Easy to machine

Non toxic

Load Resistant

Tool Friendly

Moisture Resistant

Fire Resistant


A finish should be applied to the Valchromat panel to protect its surface and maintain its natural appearance. The finish may be varnish, wax or oil.

Given that there will be a difference in shades of the panels from the same batch, before installing them, the panels should be laid out side by side and ordered so as to minimise these differences in adjacent panels.

Before starting work, the panels must be placed side by side, organizing them to try to minimize these differences between adjoining panels.

finishes type


Of the three kinds of finishes described, the varnishes are the most complex and at times the most difficult to choose given the broad range available on the market. Any wood varnish can be applied to Valchromat.

Two-component acrylic varnishes are widely used, as they do not yellow over time. The water-based varnishes change the natural colour of the panel less.

When a varnish finish is applied, the first coat applied is a primer. After the primer has dried, the panel should be sanded with fine sandpaper with grit size 320, to remove the granules that may result from peeling.

Next, a varnish finish is applied in one or two coats, in line with the manufacturer’s instructions. Between each layer the panel should be sanded using fine sandpaper with grit size 320.

Different varnishes have different appearances, from matt to gloss.

Primer and the varnish from the same manufacturer should be used to avoid incompatibility between them.

Wax or Oil Finish

The waxes or oils are usually applied with a single coat on the pre-prepared surfaces.

These kinds of finishes should not be applied on panels for installation in moist environments, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Surface preparation

Given that there will be a difference in shades of the panels from the same batch, before installing them, the panels should be laid out side by side and ordered so as to minimise these differences in adjacent panels.

In general, any finish, be it varnish, wax or oil, needs the surface to be prepared beforehand. This preparation involves sanding the surfaces before applying the finish.

The surfaces should be sanded gradually, increasing the sandpaper grit size 50% with each new step. At least 2 phases with 2 different sandpaper grit sizes are recommended.

Valchromat panels are sanded at the factory with 150 or 180 grit depending on the thickness, so the surface preparation recommendation is to start with 220-240 grit sandpaper and finish with 320-360 grit sandpaper, to obtain a smooth surface with no scratches. Tops should also be treated.

Before applying the finish, the panels must be cleaned with a dry cloth, air blowing or, preferably with a cleaner in order to be free of any type of dust, which will damage the finish.


HAY Two-Colour Tables

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Furniture

Architecture: HAY

Location: Denmark

Born in Denmark, the HAY brand relies on Valchromat for its fun yet simple-lined tables. With a timeless style, it offers modern design furniture solutions in a timeless style.

HAY democratises design, modernising the Scandinavian lines of 1950s furniture and decoration at affordable prices.

Valchromat was the choice for being a colourful panel in its full thickness and for being resistant, providing stability, irreverence and originality.

Inspired by art, fashion and architecture, colour was an important reference point, featuring the 11 colours of the Valchromat palette.

HAY focuses on developing long-lasting products that minimise environmental impact. Optimising the use of sustainable materials, such as recycled materials, certified wood and water-based lacquers, with an increasing number of eco-certified products. They pursue strict regulatory requirements, and most products are tested to meet international standards for strength, durability and safety.

The Valchromat panel, being non-toxic and produced in an increasingly sustainable way is part of the successful projects of these products.

Y Cabin

Technical Specifications

Architecture: Oslotre As

Client: Particular

Photograph: Kyrre Sundal & Nadia Norskott

Distributor: Oslo Finerfabrikk A/S

Y cabin is located in the Vikerfjell mountain range in Ringerike, Norway.

Extending slightly out over a small crag, it peeks out between the pine trees and gazes upon a northern forest landscape. The building volume branches out in three directions from a central pivot point, where six differently angled cross laminated timber slats meet. This creates a complex roof geometry which allows for an open and flexible space, eliminating the need for beams and columns.

The plan is zoned into the three branches. One of which contains the bedrooms, clad in ocher-colored Valchromat, while the two remaining branches are split between the dining room and a living room / kitchen space. The fireplace, centered where the Y´ splits, provides warmth to both living spaces, while at the same time acting as an eye-catcher in the corridor from the bedroom wing.

The interior is dominated by visible CLT and ocher-colored Valchromat. The yellow window frames create a warm atmosphere in the interior, and frames and emphasises the view of the forest and the mountains. The diagonally laid ash floor is mounted without skirting boards and threaded in under the solid wood walls. The building is characterized by a high level of detailing and precision in execution. The use of solid wood throughout the building creates the experience of a warm and fresh indoor environment. The cabin is clad with ore pine in both facade and roofing. Blending the cabin into the surrounding forest landscape and giving it its natural place on the mountain ledge.

Bullet points

– Building category: Cottage

– Project size: 70 m2

– Material use: CLT primary construction, wood fiber insulation, ore-pine cladding

– Delivery from Oslotre/OsloPre: Architecture, timber design and assembly.

L’atelier Piccolo

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Design and Toys



Location: France


The advantage of wooden toys is that they last longer and can be passed from generation to generation; they are more durable. Furthermore, these toys are often a safer option, which should not be ignored given that these are products aimed at children.

With this in mind, a small French studio, after experimenting with a wide range of materials, hit upon Valchromat as the perfect solution for its creations. As a wood material that can be machine-worked, the artists can “sculpt the wood” as they deem fit.

Taking advantage of the fact the panels come in 11 different colours, the objects created are both original and colourful. There is no need to use paints because the material is bursting with colour as it is, throughout its thickness with no loss of intensity.

As a non-toxic material, Valchromat can be used for toys that children can handle. The panels comply with European and French standards as regards the safety of toys.

The goal of these kinds of toys is to entertain youngsters, as well as enabling activities that help the overall development of the child, making the toy a learning tool too.

The objects can also be adorned with small details, lending the surface an agreeable appearance as it does not lose colour or density when worked with CNC machinery. As artists who pay attention to fine details, this is an important factor in the choice of material, facilitating the work of the creators.

Hotel Hotel – Portugal

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Walls

Architecture: Atelier Pedrita. Rita João e Pedro Ferreira.

Photograph: Francisco Nogueira

Location: Travessa da Glória, Lisbon, Portugal

In the heart of the city of Lisbon we find a hotel that surprises us through its capacity to make us dream with our eyes wide open.

Nature and art were the focus and the inspiration behind the project, created by a combination of artists (architects, plastic artists, ceramists, among others), each one striving towards a single objective: to create a unique space.

The people who choose this hotel do so because they have an off-beat attitude, and here they find a space full of character and good vibes, which also serves to provide a deserved rest.

Valchromat is part of this Hotel in zones such as the entrance lobby, yoga room and bedrooms. It was chosen as a material that is easily machine-worked, coloured throughout its thickness and allows a clean finish. The resulting walls are vivacious, containing patterns that induce relaxation in the bedrooms but at the same time in other zones the environment invites us to undertake a range of activities.

Using Valchromat helped the architects define a contemporary space where comfort and elegance come to the fore thanks to the texture and colour of the material. As a surface that blends harmoniously with other kinds of material, such as stone or metal, and its natural and “warm” appearance, it was the perfect ally for this extremely one-off hotel.

A fun hotel, brimming with originality and the finest taste.


Rehabilitation and Restoration of the Moosteiro of São Miguel de Refojos

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Walls, ceilings and furniture

Architecture: Paulo Freitas and Maria João Marques Arquitetos

Photograph: Inês d’Orey

Location: Portugal

The rehabilitation of the Mosteiro of São Miguel de Refojos, a building of public interest, partially occupied by the Municipality of Cabeceiras de Basto, intended to value the architectural heritage, also providing it with a unique service of the community on the ground floor of the west wing. In this wing, the solution adopted reflected contemporaneity and stood out from the existing building, managing to transmit what is original from what was thought up later. The constructive solutions aimed at the durability of the materials and allow the operation of the installations at a reduced cost. Black Valchromat was chosen to cover walls, ceilings and for furniture design, which, in an imposing and sober way, leads the citizen into the interior of the space. The warmth that the wood in the panel conveys gives the feeling of comfort and of “welcome and insertion in the building”.

The architects chose Valchromat because it is moisture resistant and easy to machine, which allowed it to be used in this transition zone and also allowed it to be worked into the existing furniture, appearing with a ribbed texture.

The project of rehabilitation and restoration of the Mosteiro of São Miguel de Refojos has guaranteed the stability of the building in the present, while also ensuring its safety in the future. The local authority believes that the defence of heritage is a collective responsibility and assumes this responsibility, to care for its conservation, and to contribute to the touristic interest of the region affirmed by this building of exceptional character.

Finalist in the Golden Trezzini Awards and two honorable mentions in the last edition of the National Prize for Urban Rehabilitation.

Vavilova Apartment 

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Furniture, doors, walls, kitchen furniture

Architecture: Le Atelier

Photograph: Ilya Ivanov, Mikhail Loskutoff

Location: Rússia

A flat in Moscow for two noisy children and a couple who spend a lot of time outside. The principle was to provide them with the view outside and still give them a comfortable, large room where they could get together to cook and watch films. 

These architects bring together primary elements, with colour, the beauty of randomness and working with affordable materials. You can see this in the non-subtle plumbing running through the space, which has been marked and well delineated, protruding from the grey concrete ceiling. There’s a bit of industrial architecture in this dwelling, but the grey colour present is also punctuated by the colourful Valchromat panel, which takes on playful patches in the kitchen, the cupboards, the walls and the bookshelves. Yellow, green, blue are colours that highlight this space.  

According to the authors of the project: “We used Valchromat for several reasons. Firstly, its texture feels very natural and not as plastic as enamelled MDF, and secondly, it was very important to us that the texture was wear resistant (this is very important since there are children in the house) and there were very few options, Valchromat and natural wood. But natural wood has no such engineering stability, which is why we chose Valchromat. Even when scratched and chipped, it looks great and retains its colour.” 

In short, Valchromat was chosen because it is a material that resists wear and tear, bear loads, allows it to be milled and lives up to its vibrant colours. There are many advantages to this panel that is also moisture resistant by nature, which is why it is present in the different spaces of this flat. 

Building Rehabilitation at Travessa do Ferraz 

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Facades

Architecture: Paulo Freitas e Maria João Marques Arquitectos

Photograph: Inês d’Orey

Location: Portugal

A rehabilitation project in the Historic Centre of Oporto, a Unesco World Heritage Site. While never forgetting this pre-existence, a programme of rooms and materials was recreated with strong references to the 19th century architecture of Oporto. 

Nowadays, the building comprises two residential units and a commercial area. The dwellings are organized in two autonomous units that overlap, one of typology T0 and the other of typology T3.  

From the top floor, the view over the Historical Centre from a generous balcony is an added value. 

Since this is a rehabilitation, the intervention followed an approach to the original materials and construction techniques. The existing masonry walls were rehabilitated and prepared to receive the new structure. The building was given better thermal and acoustic insulation. Metallic beams attached to the stone masonry walls and connected to the wooden structural elements stabilise the whole.  

The material is a very important point, Valchromat appears as an option in the furniture, being present in the living room, drawing the corridor through an imposing and sober module. It also appears on the walls, prevailing due to its best characteristics. It is moisture resistant, brings the warmth of wood, colour, density and lightness. As it does not need borders, it makes a cleaner work and promotes more refined lines. The exposed wooden structure, the white that joins walls and ceilings, the grey of the furniture, and the warm colour of the wood that covers the floor are the continuous elements that contribute to the flow of the areas. 

The options underlying this intervention considered the current demands of comfort and salubrity, namely with regard to the care taken with the ventilation of the spaces and the reduction of thermal losses, as well as the orderly and hidden conditioning of the necessary infrastructures.  

Honourable Mention in the last edition of the Golden Trezzini Awards, and finalists in the National Architecture Award in Wood 2021. 


Serge Albo Lamps

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Furniture

Architecture: Serge Albo

Location: France

Nowadays, major decoration trends include lamps, revealing the importance of lighting the space as well as its inclusion in the chosen decorative style.

For a long time, this artist, Serge Albo, has been using Valchromat as the raw material for his lamp bases, with great success.

The technique used to achieve these excellent results with the panel, coloured throughout and available in a palette ranging from neutrals to more vibrant tones, consists of gluing the panels in several layers and working them to achieve the desired shape. 

The choice of quality and resistant materials, allied to design and functionality, is of extreme importance to achieve high quality and original results.

Elegant and customizable, the lamps are available in different styles, so they can easily adapt to the most diverse environments and spaces.

Besides lighting the space, they are also a form of decoration that can even define the look of a space. They can be placed at different heights and arranged at different distances, giving more life and movement to your home. These lamps are unique pieces that can make all the difference, making the room more appealing, exclusive and original. 

Valchromat is the high quality, non-toxic, full colour material that this artist has chosen, for its resistance and for not needing to be painted to have so much vivid colour.


Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Toys

Architecture: CrocToys (Max Valembois)

Location: France

Toys are part of every child’s childhood, and are great ways to learn as they stimulate their creativity. In their origin, toys were made of wood, unique and original.

Croctoys is a brand of wooden toys with an innovative design, handmade in France. Some toys are very simple, like little cars, and suitable for younger children. Other toys, such as puzzles, tracks, folding garages and board games, are suitable for older children.

These original toys are made with Valchromat, as it is a high-quality material, non-toxic and coloured throughout. What child, when playing, will not try to explore the objects with all their senses?

The colours dyed in the mass and the fact that the material is non-toxic guarantee the necessary safety when handling it.

The toys comply with current European safety regulations. Made to last, Valchromat guarantees maximum resistance and a long service life.

RIF, luminaires design and responsibility

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Furniture


Photograph: RIF Luminaires

Location: France

The idea of making luminaires with sustainable materials drove this brand to turn to Valchromat.

As they refuse to cut down a tree to create these objects, it was the perfect choice. They still try to reduce the cost of transport, so they send the product already assembled from the manufacturing site, in a recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging.

Inserting themselves in modern or even rustic environments, these lamps can be the perfect solution in the several rooms of a house. It looks perfect and sublime in a living room, bedroom or kitchen. It changes the environment where it is inserted.

It has been made with Valchromat and has taken advantage of its machinability to achieve its original shape.

Tree stand, Thierry Bataille

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Furniture, design


Location: Belgium

Bookcase made in Valchromat. Object made without resorting to hardware, making the most of the colour in its varied offer and the strength of the material to make sturdy shelves and a self-supporting object.

Because it is such an irreverent object, it can be perfectly integrated into the decoration depending on the colour chosen.

It is easy to transport, store and dismantle can be part of the decoration in a room, an exhibition space, a library. Piece designed only in machined Valchromat and, because it is coloured in the mass does not lose its qualities.

This product is an eco-responsible product because it is an objective of the artist, the respect for the environment, both in design and manufacture, but also at the end of the useful life of the product.

Bottle rack, Thierry Bataille

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Furniture, design


Location: Belgium

Ecological bottle holder: a unique product, handmade. With the purpose of adding value to a regional work of art.

Several aspects were indispensable, the manufacturing price in Belgium (Hainaut), the selling price (design accessible to all), being easy to transport, easy to disassemble, easy to store, no hardware or tools needed for assembly. All the components were then achieved in a single, recyclable material, Valchromat. As it can be easily machined and, above all, because it is coloured in the mass and moisture resistant, it was the material of choice.

This product is an eco-responsible product as it is an artist’s goal to respect the environment, both in design and manufacture, but also at the end of the product’s life.


Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Interiors - furniture, design



Location: France, Tourcoing

The renovation of this industrial space into a loft had as main purpose to create spaces that serve as a bridge between the two exterior spaces. To the North emerges the courtyard, the entrance to the residence, an element that faces the city. To the South, the green of the garden, marked by the bay in the landscape. The window can be completely removed, making the house a single unit.

Also as an intention of the architect, is the articulation of the living space around a black Valchromat box, hiding the technical elements and reinforcing the dynamics of the house. A sculpted element, integrating a staircase and an office with several niches that allow the client to decorate the space as he wants. Only a material such as Valchromat would allow this versatility, in a clean construction, without the need for edging.

Reinforcing this element is a zenithal opening in the centre of the house, which makes it stand out.

Exhibition Project “Même pas vieille”

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Stands

Architecture: Haute École d’Art et de Design (Genève), l’École de Condé (Paris), l’École de Communication Visuelle (Bordeaux, Paris), l’École Supérieure d’Art (Quimper)

Location: France

Valchromat was the material chosen in the exhibition commemorating the 90th anniversary of the La Vache Qui Rit brand.

In a project that had the collaboration of art and design students, the brand’s history is told and the future of the brand was pointed out. Thus, exhibition structures were created that do not have any screws or hardware, combining the characteristic of color in all its density with the ability to be mechanized without repelling or waste tools.

The result? An exhibition full of colour, nooks and crannies, which takes advantage of the material’s resistance to its fullest extent.

Private apartment in France

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Interior Design

Architecture: Alain Oesch

Location: France

The goal of the carpenter Sifferlin was, working together with the Architect, to achieve a sober, elegant and effective interior space. Valchromat is the ideal answer as it can be used in kitchens, as it is moisture resistant, and in areas where acoustics are important, due to its good technical skills.

In the kitchen, the cabinets are in light grey, so that the space has a clean reading and a full experience. In the living room and partitions between the sleeping area and the bathroom, the panel manages to make a modern connection, as black imposes itself in a linear way.

Valchromat is a durable panel, with timeless characteristics, good moisture resistant responses and thermal, acoustic and mechanical resistance, making it the ideal choice in this space.

Home | studio

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Interior furniture, wall and dividers

Architecture: José Castro Caldas

Photograph: Mercês Tomaz Gomes

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

A project, an experiment by the architect José Castro Caldas.

The use of Valchromat colour palette was the key in this project, where the constructed core has a practical function for multipurpose storage and furniture. Very present and imposing in the space, Valchromat panels play with its colours and builds a chromatic dynamic. Because of its moisture resistant characteristics and colour palette, the material itself provided a clean work which didn’t required any extra painting or finishing.

“A coloured panel divides the social/professional area from the private area. A division that by having a depth of 60 cm’s, allows you to be useful, in the sense that allows storage for both sides. On one side, from the entrance, the studio | work space on the other, the bedroom and the living room. The design is a stipulation of geometric proportions from anthropometric measurements – nothing new, they have been studied for centuries, I simply continue using. The colours, from the inspiration in Neo-plasticism, allow us to explore the colour range available in the Valchromat material.”

Valchromat_Projetos_VDM_México 1

VDM Project (Minimum Rest Villa), México

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Partition walls and Interior Coating

Architecture: Rodrigo Alegre e Carlos Acosta

Location: México

Valchromat_Projetos_Cozinha Moderna em tons de cinza e laranja_Reino Unido 5

Modern Kitchen in grey and orange colours, United Kingdom

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Interior Design

Architecture: Bath Bespoke

Photograph: Billy Bolton

Location: Bath, Somerset, United Kingdom

Valchromat_Projetos_Espaço Residencial_Reino Unido 2

Residential Space, United Kingdom

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Furniture

Design: Estúdio Paul Crofts

Location: United Kingdom

Valchromat_Projetos_Campus Saint Julien Frankreich_França 2

Campus Saint Julien Frankreich, France

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Acoustic Panels

Architecture: Enia Architectes

Photograph: Hervé Abbadia

Location: La Celle-sous-Gouzon, France

Valchromat_Projetos_Stiftung Mercator_Alemanha 2

Stiftung Mercator, Germany

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Partition walls, Black furniture, walls decoration (yellow and red)

Architecture: Madako Architekt

Location: Essen, Germany

The Gagfah headquarters in Huyssenallee,Essen, now hold the Mercator Foundation and the Association of German Business Donors after their revitalization.

The set of four buildings has been completely renovated. The living rooms have Valchromat in various colours, because it’s a material that allows for sobriety and irreverence, combined with technical skills such as acoustic panels. Valchromat allows drilling and worked perfectly for this purpose.

With the dismantling of parts of the buildings and expansion of other existing elements, was created an architecture campus with an area of ​​about 6,000 m2, representing a commitment to the striking location of the landscape and as a sign of the way of working in the future: opened and forward-looking. Valchromat was the perfect choice to create clean space’s that gives pleasure to work and gather.

Valchromat_Projetos_Renovação Apartamento_Bélgica 10

Apartment renovation, Belgium

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Kitchen

Architecture: Romina Dargenton

Photograph: Sandrine Iratcabal

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Nike Store, Netherlands

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Machined partition walls

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

Valchromat_Projetos_Wood Art Shop_Reino Unido 10

Wood Art Shop, United Kingdom

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Design de Interiores

Architecture: Jorge Miranda

Location: Hadleigh, Suffolk, United Kingdom

Wood Art Shop is a UK company specialised in the creation and production of 3D art in coloured wood exclusively using Valchromat.

Drawing inspiration from the power of the Greek Gods, the Elysian collection is our first collection launched on 25 November 2019. It comprises geometric and abstract designs that were created through the love and passion for 3D wall design.

The core and essence of this collection was based on the beauty of combining the effects of meticulously sculpted designs in 4 different Valchromat layers, with each layer having different colours, creating a surprising and distinct final product.

Through the interconnected relationship of unique colours and designs, each piece of wall art has its own look and spirituality, transmitting harmony, peace, love, passion, serenity, energy, power….

All the pieces of wall art are finished and sanded by hand, followed by a layer of extra glossy varnish applied by hand to give vivacity to the colours.

Wood Art Shop is proud of our artwork, as every piece is unique and cannot be found anywhere else.

Valchromat_Projetos_Remodelação de Apartamento_Portugal 15

Apartment rebuild, Portugal

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Furniture, kitchen

Architecture: Magdalena C, Kema Studio

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Valchromat_Projetos_Armário Biliblioteca_França 5

Library cabinet, France

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Interior Design

Architecture: MJ Intérieurs – Magali Jeanneteau

Location: Saintes France

Valchromat_Projetos_Hexapod series custom interior design_Taiwan 4

Hexapod series custom interior design, Taiwan

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Partition walls

Design: Echo Chen, sKY_Associative

Location: National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Valchromat_Projetos_Espaço Residencial Fraher_Reino Unido 6

Residencial, United Kingdom

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Door piece, wall surface, closet

Architecture: Fraher & Findlay

Location: United Kingdom

This project, by the Architects Fraher & Findlay, in London, features yellow and grey colours. They are colours that symbolize the message of strength and hope.

In this terrace house, in the form of a narrow floor plan, the architects took advantage of the colour to make the space more fun and light. The existing building facade was preserved, the lower level was lowered in order to create an attic.

According to them, the project sought to challenge the traditional layout using the original ladder with CNC applied technology to cut the building. This removed the dark corridor and landing spaces and instead made the plan for a dynamic staircase linked to the landing and rooms. The bright and cheerful yellow that punctuates this project illuminates the space that could be just sober and dark with the colder grey.

The kitchen, a key element of the space, is all in grey Valchromat with a yellow line, which challenges us to look outside, in an environments fusion.

Valchromat_Projetos_Centro das Artes e Ofícios_LA SPIRALE_Bélgica 11

Center for the Arts and Crafts “LA SPIRALE”, Belgium

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Furniture

Location: Natoye, Belgium

Valchromat_Projetos_Mutt Universal Works_Reino Unido 7

Mutt | Universal Works, United Kingdom

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Closet, door

Design: Estúdio Mutt

Location: London, England

Valchromat_Projetos_Espaço Comercial_Reino Unido 1

Commercial area, United Kingdom

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Office, exhibition stand, door

Design: EJ RYDER

Location: United Kingdom

Valchromat_Projetos_PetProject_Reino Unido 11

PetProject, Lituânia

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Furniture

Architecture: EJ RYDER

Location: Lituânia

The PetProject brand was born in 2018 in Lithuania. The idea to produce modern little houses came from love of animals, wood and innovation. Valchromat was the perfect choice because it is environmentally friendly and is a high-quality material.

PetProject combines several colours of Valchromat. Natural beeswax was used for finishing.

The houses are CNC cut and then produced by hand. Each element is exclusive and unique, making unique designs that last long.

Modern Model, elegant lines, simple, light and modern style, produced in 3 different sizes, suitable for very small, small and medium dogs.

Unique model, has typical Lithuanian seaside architecture motifs. This model combines authenticity and modernity at the same time. This model is made in one size, perfect for very small and small dogs.


Exclusivity, sustainability and modernity are the essence of the style of these designs.

Islamic Cultural Center, Portugal, Portugal

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Flowerbed, black furniture, some black coatings

Architecture: Estúdio Amatam

Photograph: Garcês

Location: Odivelas, Portugal

Located on the outskirts of Lisbon, this construction nominated for prestigious awards such as the Archdaily Building of the Year 2020 includes Valchromat as an essential feature.

The sobriety needed for a building dedicated to culture and inspiration, respecting the silence necessary in a place of worship, was achieved through a combination of materials such as white stone and Valchromat black.

The material of natural origin, with a sober and pure colour, combined with the immaculate white of the stone, enabled the creation of niches, bays, perspectives and outlines designed for those seeking inner peace, which is transmitted here.

The minimalism of the temple was interspersed with touches of Valchromat black, affording it the richness needed in a modest manner, as fitting for the site.

The community can benefit from a place of contemplation undisturbed, and one can say that Valchromat provides a permanent link between the mortal world and the divine.

Valchromat_Projetos_Pião Cuco Toys_Portugal 5

Spinning Top, Cuco Toys, Portugal

Technical Specifications

Location: Portugal

Cuco Toys is a Portuguese toy company set up by the designer Mariana Costa e Silva. It uses traditional Portuguese manufacturing methods and all the materials used to make the toys are environmentally friendly or of sustainable origin.

Its latest creation is the rebirth of a classic toy – the Spinning Top – manufactured from an innovative material – Valchromat.

To enhance the sustainable nature of this toy, Cuco Toys sought to use recycled Valchromat. “We went from one industrial plant to the next to collect the Valchromat waste generated by the furniture industry”, said Mariana Costa e Silva.

Valchromat Black, Grey, Blue, Violet, Red, Yellow, Orange and Green were used to create the spinning top of Cuco Toys.

Mariana Costa e Silva, the designer of Cuco Toys, also stated that “Valchromat was chosen due to the possibility of working the colour in a unique way, which would be unfeasible with painted wood”.

For more information:

Valchromat_Projetos_Colecção BullE_França 6

BullE Collection, France

Technical Specifications

Location: France

French woodworks company, Ébénisterie du Pourquoi Pas, presents the “BullE” collection, its latest line of furniture made from Valchromat.

The tall tables and chairs, made from Black, Violet and Orange Valchromat, may be used as kitchen or bar furniture, work and office furniture or even garden furniture provided this is only temporary and a suitable finish has been applied.

Other pieces in the collection are the armchair in either Black and Violet or Black and Orange Valchromat, and the footstool in the same colours.

The “BullE” armchair is rather comfortable and ergonomically designed and may be used as indoor furniture as well as outdoor furniture for short periods or if protected, given that it has an adequate exterior finish.

For further information:

Valchromat_Projetos_Brighton Implant Clinic_Reino Unido10

Brighton Implant Clinic, United Kingdom

Technical Specifications

Architecture: Pedra Silva Arquitectos

Location: Brighton Implant Clinic, Pedra Silva Arquitectos, United Kingdom

Portuguese architecture firm, Pedra Silva Arquitectos, managed the project for Brighton Implant Clinic, a dental clinic based in Brighton, UK.

According to the architects leading the project, “from an architectural standpoint, our approach to the space took into account the philosophy behind modern-day dentistry. We created a space that suggests trustworthiness yet at the same time underplays the connection with medical environments”.

In this project Black Valchromat was used in a variety of applications such as wall cladding, floors, ceilings and cupboards.

In this project the Black Valchromat contrasts with the clinical white of the consulting rooms creating a more welcoming, and at the same time, sophisticated environment.  In entrance areas, Valchromat matches the building’s original brickwork.

This project has been awarded the “Best New Dental Practice in the UK” for best dental clinic in the United Kingdom.

For further information:


Valchromat_Projetos_Colecções Get Out e CAT_França 1

“Get Out” and “CAT” Collections, France

Technical Specifications

Design: ENO Studios

Location: France

Clotilde & Julien designed the “Get Out” and “CAT” collections for ENO Studio, a French design atelier.

According to Mathieu Galard, ENO Studio responsible, “the ideas behind these animal lamps are the explanation of an animal shape in the simplest way. We want to find a shape between decoration and design”.

Valchromat was a key player in the creation of these design pieces once it helped “to achieve a good fit and finishing without any rework after the production, therefore saving time in its production”, said Mathieu Galard.

“Thanks to Valchromat’s colour range, ENO Studio is able to propose new finishings or answer to specific customer’s orders”, according to ENO Studio responsible.

Photography Credits:
ENO Studio

More information:

Valchromat_Projetos_Shelf life_Portugal 8

Shelf Life, Portugal

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat in Red, Light Grey and Black

Application: Furniture

Design: Rosa Couto

Location: Portugal

Shelf Life is a furniture line created by the young Portuguese designer, Rosa Couto.

Rosa Couto has designed a practical and functional line aimed specifically at young people. In her view, “Shelf Life makes it possible to create furniture pieces adapted for different situations, allowing the user to reinvent their complete space and all the furniture in their home or their workplace”.

“Similar to Lego™ pieces, the modular pieces give you never-ending possibilities in building and rebuilding the furniture you want, responding to different needs, particularly in small spaces,” she adds.

Valchromat in Red, Light Grey and Black was used in the first production of the furniture line, performed by We Productise. According to the designer, Valchromat proved to be “resistant and much lighter” than other products.

The photo shoot was conducted in the Hard Club Oporto and Oliva Creative Factory.

For further information:

Valchromat_Projetos_Cooking and Nature Emotional Hotel_Portugal 6

Cooking and Nature Emotional Hotel, Portugal

Technical Specifications

Product: Black Valchromat

Application: Furniture

Architecture: Iznogud

Location: Portugal

The Cooking and Nature Emotional Hotel is a new hotel in Alvados, Porto de Mós, Portugal. Ana Heleno & Simao Gibellino, from atelier Iznogud, were the responsible architects for the hotel’s interiors.

Black Valchromat was used in the hotel’s interior design in the lobby and dining room. In the opinion of the hotel owner, Rui Anastácio, “Valchromat means quality and versatility and it enhances of the interior design.”

The hotel’s unusual name arouses curiosity and suggests something innovative. The Cooking and Nature Emotional Hotel is indeed an “emotional” hotel with close links to the world of cooking and nature; three interlinked elements that have resulted in one of the most daring and innovative hospitality concepts in Portugal, indeed anywhere in the world.

The emotional aspect of the concept is reflected in the different themes for each room. All rooms were designed and decorated in individual styles and incorporate the respective themes down to the smallest detail.

As far as cooking is concerned, at the Cooking and Nature Emotional Hotel you eat what you cook. The guests are invited to put their own culinary skills to practice or, if they lack them, to acquire them in cooking lessons.

Contact with nature – be it through cooking with local products or the wide-ranging outdoor activities the hotel offers its guests – completes the trio of fundamental concepts on which the idea behind this unique hotel is based.

The Cooking and Nature Emotional Hotel was recently considered by Condé Nast Traveler as one of the best new hotels worldwide in 2013. It also received a Boa Cama, Boa Mesa award for Best New Hotel 2013 from Expresso newspaper.

For further information:

Valchromat_Projetos_Snitt_Reino Unido_Noruega 1

Snitt, Norway and United Kingdom

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat Black and Light Grey

Application: Furniture

Architecture: ctrl+n KONTUR Arkitektur + konstruksjon as

Design: Tuyo designstudio

Location: Norway and United Kingdom

SNITT is a project thought out, created and produced by architects and designers from Norway and the UK.

SNITT is a structure that was first used in the “The House of Detention” exhibition at Clerkenwell Design Week in the UK, as an installation that could be accessible to the general public, where visitors could wander about and also find a quiet area to sit down and rest.

This project was developed with the intention to create a shelter, in a semi-private environment, inside a crowded room or outdoor area.

The SNITT installation is a multi-faceted project that may present itself in the form of a piece of furniture, a three-dimensional sculpture, a façade system or an element that encourages movement and creates semi-private environments in public spaces.

In the two installations already produced, Valchromat Black was used in the first and Light Grey in the second one.

ctrl+n KONTUR Arkitektur + konstruksjon as
Tuyo designstudio
Kirstie Little
Center Stage

Further information at:


Valchromat_Projetos_Muzzle_Portugal 1

Muzzle, Portugal

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat red, green, orange, blue and violet

Location: Portugal

Muzzle is a line of children’s furniture, designed and developed by Paratelier.

According to Paratelier’s managers, Monica Ravazzolo and Leonardo Paiella, they found the need to create a new concept of children’s furniture that went beyond the standard concepts of children’s furniture, and which might combine design, quality and sustainability.

The innovative concept of Muzzle lies in the assembly of the parts, which is done by simply inserting one part into another, allowing children and parents to have fun while assembling the furniture, as if it were a puzzle.

The Muzzle line is available in Valchromat, in red, green, orange, blue and violet. It is also available in other materials.

Join Muzzle on Facebook.

Discover more information at:

Valchromat_Projetos_MILF Skateboard Tailors_Portugal 19

MILF Skateboard Tailors, Portugal

Technical Specifications

Design: Diogo Frias

Location: Portugal

Milf Skateboard Tailors is a project by Portuguese designer Diogo Frias. The creation of a brand of skateboards is his dream come true.

The designer, Diogo Frias, was inspired in the creation of Milf skateboards by the “old school” environment of the 1960s, creating a cruising skateboard – a longboard of leisure – which is unique in the world.

Production is almost totally handcrafted, with part of it done in a furniture factory and the other part handmade. The skateboard decks are made of Valchromat, cut using CNC machinery and then hand-finished to ensure the high quality standards. “That’s where the name Skateboard Tailors comes from. We are almost like tailors of skateboards, “says Diogo Frias.

“The attention to detail is our main concern,” according to the designer, who adds “each skate is unique and each one has its own serial number.”

The main reason for choosing Valchromat for this project was “the product’s ability to combine the characteristics of wood with the brightness of colours, besides being a product and brand that is 100% Portuguese”.

The first model of Milf Skateboard Tailors is Bullock, named after the actress Sandra Bullock, produced in the Chocolate series, with Valchromat chocolate, orange, violet and light grey, and CMYK series, with Valchromat blue, red, yellow and black.

For more information, visit:

Valchromat_Projetos_Parque do Circo_Brasil 13

Parque do Circo, Brazil

Technical Specifications

Location: Brazil

Parque do Circo (Circus Playground), created by Gonzalo Caraballo and Lua Tatit, is an itinerant space that encourages circus-inspired activities. To that end, custom-made toys and games have been designed in partnership with the Pedro Terra LAB woodwork design firm.

Parque do Circo was launched in January 2013, and in its first season it has welcomed an average of two thousand visitors per day.

The toys and games are all made from Valchromat on a CNC router. According to Pedro Terra, manager of Pedro Terra LAB, “we expected the toys to be used very intensively, so a hard-wearing material was essential”. Valchromat was the number one choice for the project for three main reasons. Firstly, the density of Valchromat “provides a better finish on items with irregular surfaces”. Secondly, the material is the same colour right through, “which means it looks good for longer and reduces the need for maintenance” and, Pedro Terra explains, “when toys are used so intensively by children, they are bound to be bumped and scratched, and if they had been painted in the usual way, they would not look the same by now”. And finally the product’s ecological features “mean that it is safe for children to handle”. For further pedroterralab
Parque do Circo was launched in January 2013, and in its first season it has welcomed an average of two thousand visitors per day.
The toys and games are all made from Valchromat on a CNC router. According to Pedro Terra, manager of Pedro Terra LAB, “we expected the toys to be used very intensively, so a hard-wearing material was essential”.
Valchromat was the number one choice for the project for three main reasons. Firstly, the density of Valchromat “provides a better finish on items with irregular surfaces”. Secondly, the material is the same colour right through, “which means it looks good for longer and reduces the need for maintenance” and, Pedro Terra explains, “when toys are used so intensively by children, they are bound to be bumped and scratched, and if they had been painted in the usual way, they would not look the same by now”. And finally the product’s ecological features “mean that it is safe for children to handle”.
For further information:
Instagram: pedroterrala

The toys and games are all made from Valchromat on a CNC router. According to Pedro Terra, manager of Pedro Terra LAB, “we expected the toys to be used very intensively, so a hard-wearing material was essential”.

Valchromat was the number one choice for the project for three main reasons. Firstly, the density of Valchromat “provides a better finish on items with irregular surfaces”. Secondly, the material is the same colour right through, “which means it looks good for longer and reduces the need for maintenance” and, Pedro Terra explains, “when toys are used so intensively by children, they are bound to be bumped and scratched, and if they had been painted in the usual way, they would not look the same by now”. And finally the product’s ecological features “mean that it is safe for children to handle”.

For further information:

Valchromat_Projetos_Renovação Habitacional_Bélgica 5

Housing renovation, Belgium

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat Black

Architecture: Artipool

Location: Belgium

Artipool, a Belgian architecture studio managed by the architects Kaat Spelier and Paul Dewit, designed and executed the transformation of a 1960’s house into a house with modern lines.

Valchromat Black was used to refurbish the interior of nearly all the rooms of this house, from the office to the living room, and even the kitchen.

Valchromat helped the architects to redefine an old space into a contemporary one. Valchromat supplied the comfort and elegance of its texture and colour to the house based on an open-space concept.

One of the main reasons for choosing Valchromat, according to the architects of Artipool, is the fact that it is “a material that combines well with other types of material, such as stone or metal”. Its unique, “soft and pleasant” appearance was another of the reasons that led the designers to choose Valchromat.

Find out more at:

Valchromat helped the architects to redefine an old space into a contemporary one. Valchromat supplied the comfort and elegance of its texture and colour to the house based on an open-space concept.

One of the main reasons for choosing Valchromat, according to the architects of Artipool, is the fact that it is “a material that combines well with other types of material, such as stone or metal”. Its unique, “soft and pleasant” appearance was another of the reasons that led the designers to choose Valchromat.

Find out more at:

Valchromat_Projetos_Satnd Batimat 3

Stand Valchromat, Batimat

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat Black, Red, Grey and Light Grey, and Viroc Grey and Red.

Design: Studio 47

Photograph: Joudat Photographie

Batimat is the world’s main construction fair. It unites in the same space the most complete range of products, equipment and services, as well as the largest number of French and international construction sector professionals.

Batimat also serves as an important catalyst for the dissemination, presentation and development of innovative products for the entire sector.

Valchromat presented a new stand at this edition of Batimat, designed by Nicolas Laden and produced by the French company Atelier Unik Design. This is the first time two products of Investwood are presented together on the same stand.

Nicolas Laden has designed a stand of simple and contemporary lines that combines Valchromat and Viroc panels, creating a unique atmosphere. The aim with combining these two products is to also show their potential and versatility.

This project used different panel machining techniques. The products used were Valchromat Black, Red, Grey and Light Grey, and Viroc Grey and Red.














Valchromat_Projetos_Mediamadera_México 10

Mediamadera, Mexico

Technical Specifications

Application: Furniture

Design: Mediamadera - Angeles Carrillo e Iker Lanzagorta

Location: Mexico

Mediamadera, the Mexican design studio belonging to industrial designers Angeles Carrillo and Iker Lanzagorta, unveiled its most recent collection at Contenido, an event forming part of Design Week Mexico 2013, held in Mexico City.

The collection of coffee tables and seats has been made from Valchromat, and combines hand-crafting and automated applications such as CNC, taking the best from each process.

Mediamadera favours the use of timber from sustainable forests, and uses timber-based panels that employ ecologically sustainable manufacturing processes such as Valchromat. The studio also uses water-based finishes that are harmless for both the furniture makers and end consumers.

Angeles Carrillo and Iker Lanzagorta see Valchromat as “an excellent material for turning their ideas into reality, in an ecologically coherent way”.

For further information go to:

Valchromat_Projetos_Escola José Estêvão_Portugal 3

José Estevâo School, Portugal

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat Black, Green, Red, Yellow and Brown

Application: Wall Coverings and Acoustic Panels

Architecture: José Bernardo Távora

Photograph: Pedro Cavaco Leitão

Location: Portugal

The refurbishment of José Estêvão Secondary School in Aveiro was designed by Portuguese architect José Bernardo Távora. The project formed part of Parque Escolar, a nationwide plan to refurbish education infrastructure.

The aim is to maintain the existing school’s essential structure and its close links to the city, focusing the expansion on the central schoolyard, uniting separate buildings and creating a new outdoor roofed sports facility, along with an indoor area for physical education and new changing rooms.

Black and green Valchromat was used as soundproof panelling in one of the sports halls and some classrooms, and brown was used for the multipurpose hall. Yellow Valchromat was used to clad the walls of corridors and classrooms, and red was also used for one corridor.

The overall purpose was to make a visible improvement in living conditions for everyone at the school and bring the aesthetics up to date.

Valchromat_Projetos_WeWork Fulton Centre_EUA 1

WeWork Fulton Centre, United States of America

Technical Specifications

Product: Black Valchromat

Application: Wall Cladding

Architecture: WeWork’s Internal Design and Architecture Team

Photograph: WeWork

Location: United States of America

WeWork is an American company that provides work spaces for small companies or start-ups so that they can develop their business. It offers premises that vary from work spaces to meeting rooms, leisure areas and kitchens.

WeWork has opened a new communal office space in downtown New York, on Manhattan’s Broadway. This is one of its latest projects, and it will occupy three storeys of the building, which means that it will be able to house its own head office, as well as about 600 entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Black Valchromat was used for the project, to clad the walls of the reception area and lounge. According to one of the designers, Devin Vermeulen, “The concept of the lounge is to create a feeling of being outdoors, while retaining indoor comfort and warmth”.

“We wanted a screen evocative of a classic “breeze block” wall without the weight and annoyance of actual concrete blocks – so we thought that CNCing Valchromat panels, with their light weight, great colour selections and great finish without needing any paint or coating was a great solution for this screen, and then used it for all the other millwork in the space since it pulls everything together and acts as a really awesome alternative to plywood for finish carpentry and cabinetry”, said Devin Vermeulen.

For further information visit:

Valchromat_Projetos_Stand Euroshop_Dusseldorf 10

Stand Valchromat, EuroShop, Düsseldorf

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Stand

Architecture: Nicolas Laden

Photograph: Constanze Tillman

Location: Germany

EuroShop is the largest international commercial retail fair, and usually attracts thousands of exhibiting companies involved in shopfitting, store design and architecture, equipment and materials. The most recent EuroShop in Dusseldorf attracted around 200 000 visitors.

Once again, Valchromat was present at this major trade fair. Our stand had already been revealed at the Batimat fair in Paris, designed by architect Nicolas Laden, but it had undergone a few structural improvements and alterations, making it even more attractive.

The stand, with its simple and contemporary forms, combined two of Investwood’s main products: Valchromat and Viroc.

For the stand unveiled at EuroShop a new module was added, taking advantage of the various colours of the Valchromat range and illustrating the many techniques that can be employed with this unique material, such as mechanization, digital printing and the use of different finishes. The result was a colourful module with attractive textures and designs that awakened visitors’ curiosity.

Another detail was the module featuring mechanized domed shapes in grey and light grey Valchromat, which caught the eye of everyone who passed by the stand.












Valchromat_Projetos_Imeuble_Noruega 1

Imeuble, Bjorn, Norway

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Shelving

Design: Bjorn Jorund Blikstad

Location: Norway

Imeuble is a shelving concept created by the young Norwegian designer Bjorn Jorund Blikstad.

Imeuble features stunning vibrant colours that dance between the illusion of a 2D and 3D space playing with perspective and our mind.

In cooperation with “By Corporation”, Blikstad was able to bring the Imeuble to life.The first edition of Imeuble was focused on galleries and art collectors, reason for why it was named Imeuble “Collectors Edition”, available in a limited amount, signed and numbered by the designer.

Thanks to the increasing popularity of this shelving solution, Blikstad and “By Corporation” decided to launch a new Immeuble edition, affordable but with the same quality and design. Imeuble’s “#two Edition” comes in ready assembled blocks, allowing the buyers to easily assemble their own unique version, but also to use their imagination and creativity by choosing one, or more, of the 11 Valchromat colours available and play with the several possible colours combinations.

Valchromat’s choice for this premium product was due to a research to find a suitable product of high quality and versatile enough for the Imeuble’s production, undertaken by “By Corporation”.

More Information:

Valchromat_Projetos_Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar_Portugal 9

Serra do Pilar Monastery, Portugal

Technical Specifications

Product: Black Valchromat

Application: Wall Cladding, Flooring and Exhibit Supports

Architecture: Paulo Freitas e Maria João Marques

Photograph: Luis Ferreira Alves

Location: Portugal

Serra do Pilar Monastery is a splendid example of renaissance architecture in Portugal. It was built in the first half of the 16th century at the top of an escarpment on the south bank of the River Douro, known as Serra do Pilar. It offers an exceptional panoramic view of Porto and Gaia. The monastery has been classified as a World Heritage Site.

The work done on the building by PFMJM Arquitectos, a Portuguese firm of architects, means that the public can now enjoy remarkable areas that had not been open to visitors. They include the church, dome and cloister, thanks to the restoration and reorganisation of the locations to create a new circuit for visitors.

Paulo Freitas and Maria João Marques, the head architects, used Black Valchromat in all the restored areas in a variety of different ways:
– To cover the walls and for the furniture in the reception and shop area
– In the signage and flooring in the lobby leading into all the rooms
– In the benches in the world heritage room, which is used for video wall projections
– In the exhibit supports in the listed building room, which houses an exhibition of buildings classified as national monuments

For further information:


Valchromat_Projetos_Restaurante Deli Shop_Brasil 4

Deli Shop Restaurant, Brazil

Technical Specifications

Product: Black, Yellow and Violet Valchromat

Application: Wall Covering and Cladding, Furniture and Decorative Items

Architecture: Studio Dlux

Photograph: LR Foto

Location: Brazil

Deli Shop, a project designed by Studio Dlux, is a healthy fast-food restaurant in São Paulo, Brazil.

The restaurant has breathed new life into the old building which houses it, as well as the surrounding area, by creating a youthful urban space, thanks to its proximity to a number of local schools.

The combination of sober and neutral wall cladding with colourful decorative details creates a modern, sophisticated environment. There are few tables, but plenty of stools and bench space, reinforcing the idea of fast meals and rapid customer throughput. The glass façade is the sole source of natural light, and also serves as the restaurant’s shop window.

All of the furnishings, apart from the counters, were designed exclusively for Deli Shop by Studio Dlux, as were the decorative items. They use teak for the tables and counter tops, and yellow, black and violet Valchromat for the remaining elements, created using a CNC machine.

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Valchromat_Projetos_Ply&Co_Portugal 15

PLY&Co, Portugal

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat Black and Red

Application: Furniture

Architecture: Paulo Costa

Location: Portugal

PLY&Co is a project of Peel Living Projects, by the Portuguese architect Paulo Costa.

PLY&Co is a line of wooden furniture and derivatives from sustainable and environment-friendly sources, assembled without using glue, nails or screws in order to facilitate reuse and the recycling process.

The design has smooth contours, making it easily used by people of various age groups, fostering empathy and understanding of the constructive logic by children.

The easy assembly and disassembly of the items and their size allows the transport and storage volume to be minimized. Valchromat is the material most used by PLY&Co.

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Valchromat_Projetos_Meet My Project, Bold Design e Camille Baudelaire_França 6

Meet My Project, Bold Design and Camille Baudelaire, France

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat Black

Application: Exhibition components

Architecture: Bold Design e Camille Baudelaire

Photograph: Camille Baudelaire

Location: France

The French design studio Bold Design in partnership with Camille Baudelaire, a French graphic designer, produced the set design for this exhibition.

This exhibition called “Meet My Project” explores the possible relations between design and graphics. The design concept of the exhibition aims to explore the endless combinations of space, volume and patterns.

The concept is simple: One tube for each exhibitor with their respective information. Other tubes are placed together, while another appears to unroll the floor that protects and enhances each of the objects on display.

Valchromat Black was used for the floor that seems to unroll from the tubes as well as for the tops of the tubes.

“As the subject of this project is the relations between graphics and design it seemed appropriate to choose a material such as Valchromat, which allows us to work easily using a CNC machine, with great graphics precision. (…) It was possible in this way to create precise patterns and reliefs, while also taking advantage of the colour and texture of Valchromat throughout its thickness,” said one of the leaders of the project, Camille Baudelaire.

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Valchromat_Projetos_Stand_Brasil 6

Stand Valchromat, Brazil

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Exhibition Stand

Architecture: Studio dLux

Photograph: Alexandre Brandão Guedes

Location: Brazil

ForMobile is the Latin American furniture and timber sector’s largest and most important specialist trade fair. It brings together the sector’s main exhibitors of machinery, raw materials, tools, accessories and services. ForMobile attracted over 60 000 visitors from 30 countries, including furniture manufacturers, carpenters, retailers, designers and architects.

Valchromat entrusted the design of its stand at this important trade fair to Studio dLux, a young and creative Brazilian studio.

Working in partnership with the Made Forest digital joinery company, Studio dLux conceived the stand to “get away from traditional trade-stand design and create an entertaining, comfortable and innovative space”, says Denis Fuzii, who was responsible for its design.

The concept behind the stand was the “Wikihouse” construction model. This approach is easy to cut out on CNC machines. It is assembled and dismantled using a snap-together system, which anybody can do, given that it requires no specialized training.

Denis Fuzii notes that “the avant-garde design makes use of Valchromat’s texture and colour, drawing in visitors at a fair characterized by the more standard, traditional type of stand”.

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Designed by Studio dLux |
Built by Made Forest |

Valchromat_Suite da Jornalista_Brasil 1

Journalist’s Suite, Brazil

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat Balck

Application: Wall Cladding, Flooring and Ceiling

Architecture: Aclaene de Mello

Photograph: Eduardo Liotti

Location: Brazil

Valchromat has once more marked its presence at one of the most important American architectural, decorating and landscaping events, this time in the Brazilian State of Rio Grande do Sul, in the city of Porto Alegre.

Using the theme “A look changes everything”, the architect Aclaene de Mello has created a space inspired by modern hard-working and successful women, dedicating an environment to them which suggests rest, disconnection and interiorisation.

This has a minimalist character that is elegant, luxurious and irreverent, made up of various combinations of materials among the furniture, the fireplace and the bathtub, but what stands out are the Valchromat coverings which challenge the eye with effects creating shade, movement and inconsistent formats.

According to Aclaene de Mello “nowadays we no longer talk of walls, but rather design of surfaces”, as the coverings of the walls, flooring and surfaces provide ever more important guidelines in any interior architectural project, which “besides personalising environments with charm, uniqueness and elegance, adapt themselves to all styles”.

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Valchromat_Projetos_Cozinha_França 6

“C=1m2” Kitchen, France

Technical Specifications

Product: alchromat Light Grey and Black

Application: Mobile Micro-Kitchen

Architecture: Jean-Luz Sifferlin, Studio Design Sifferlin

Location: France

Jean-Luc Sifferlin, of the French studio Menuiserie Sifferlin, has designed a mobile, ready to use kitchen, in response to the functional needs of the small indoor and outdoor spaces of private individuals and professionals.

The “C=1m2” kitchen was imagined and designed as a cupboard, with the following components in the 1m2 space: work counter, sink, stove, oven and refrigerator.

Only Valchromat could meet the specifications established by Jean-Luc Sifferlin for this project: moisture resistance, fireproof, easy to work, flexibility and texture.

It is an effective space-saving solution that was launched in 2014. It has already won various awards in France:
– The President Gérard Dorey Award, Lépine competition 2014
– People’s Choice Award of the Grand Prix de L’Innovation 2014, at the Paris Fair
– Gold Medal at the Prix de L’Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle

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Valchromat_Projetos_Auditório Bondy_França 5

Auditorium of Bondy, France

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat Black

Application: Acoustic Panels

Architecture: Parc Architects

Location: France

This auditorium it’s a new architectural icon to the suburban city of Bondi, in Paris outskirts. This is a project designed by the Parisian atelier PARC Architects.

Bondy has a loose and low-density urban fabric. The architecture of the building plays with the aesthetics of the hangar: a very simple square plan and an undulated metal skin. Unlike a traditional hangar, it opens to its context through a series of arches, letting in natural light and views. Inside, every space has a specific acoustics related to its function and its ambiance.

According to the projects’s responsibles, Valchromat “works like wood, it has qualities of acoustic reverberation. We used it to design the room of the auditorium. Is easy to work and to implement in terms of carpentry on the construction site. Valchromat is coloured throughout, which gives sustainability to the material and its color over time.”

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Valchromat_Projetos_Exposição La Décennie_França 16

“1984-1999 – La Décennie” Exhibition, France

Technical Specifications

Product: Blue, Brown, Light Grey, Black, Green Mint and Violet Valchromat

Application: Wall Cladding, Floors, Furniture and Acoustic Panels

Architecture: Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster

Photograph: Vincent François Valerio

Location: France

The Pompidou-Metz Centre, which opened in the city of Metz, France, in 2010, is an internationally recognized extension of the Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris.

The exhibition entitled “1984-1999 – The Decade”, currently being staged at the Pompidou-Metz Centre, covers a generation of change and a wealth of artistic creativity from all fields. It is a biographical look at those remarkable years, comprising objects, sounds, voices, images, reflections and sensations. Created by internationally renowned artist Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, the exhibition occupies the middle ground between city and nature, indoors and outdoors, day and night.

The “1984-1999 – The Decade” exhibition does not aim to recreate or sanctify a bygone era, but rather to reveal the procedures and forms that preceded today’s artistic creation.

The formula that gave rise to Valchromat Green Mint was specially created for this project, where it is used as flooring. In addition to the new colour, Black and Blue Valchromat was also used for flooring, Violet Valchromat for wall cladding and floors, Light Grey Valchromat for wall cladding and furniture, and Brown Valchromat for acoustic panels.

Studiolada, Architect Christophe Aubertin 

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Valchromat_Projetos_Edifício Loios_Portugal 1

Loios Building, Portugal

Technical Specifications

Product: Black Valchromat

Application: Modular Structure

Architecture: OODA Studio

Photograph: Pixel Factory

Location: Portugal

The Oporto-based OODA Architectural Design Studio, run by architects Diogo Brito, Rodrigo Villas-Boas and Francisco Lencastre, has renovated a 19th-century building in the centre of Oporto, Portugal.

The Loios Building contains 16 studio flats on five storeys above the ground floor, which is earmarked for shops.

Each flat contains an innovative modular structure created by OODA with the aim of maximizing and optimizing space, and which contains all of the facilities needed for a fully functioning home, such as a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, study and storeroom.

The modules have been made using a light-steel skeletal structure, fibreglass panels and Viroc wood-cement panels inside, and they are clad entirely in black Valchromat panels.

Diogo Brito says that the Valchromat was easy to drill. This technique “enables designs to be embedded into the panels, but it also provides the modules with a degree of transparency, so that they function like large chandeliers for the rest of the flat at night”.

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Valchromat_Projetos_Choupana Cafe_Portugal 3

Choupana Caffe, Portugal

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat Grey

Application: Shopfitting

Architecture: Rui Tomás

Photograph: Vasco Teixeira da Silva

Location: Portugal

The Choupana Caffe is a venture located in Lisbon, Portugal, with five distinct concepts housed in a unique space: food market, café, patisserie, bakery and creamery.

Portuguese designer, Rui Tomás, was responsible for the project design of the entire space, working with clean geometric forms and volumes, while using modern construction methods and naturally finished materials.

Valchromat grey was used for the counter tops and café wall panelling and as a decorative element integrating the fresh bakery display with typographical motifs cut out by CNC milling, thus enhancing with a touch of three-dimensional texture and rhythmic detailing.

As explained by Rui Tomás “the decision to use Valchromat was due most of all to its versatility: it’s moisture resistant, easy to work using CNC machinery, and keeps its natural colour and texture at any thickness, which allows us to take advantage of the material’s natural qualities without resorting to a painted finish.”

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Valchromat_Projetos_Casa Sofia Passarinho_Portugal 5

Sofia Passarinho House, Portugal

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat Black

Application: Furniture

Architecture: Sofia Passarinho

Photograph: José Manuel Ferrão

Location: Portugal

At just 65sqm, in addition to a small courtyard, this apartment is certainly a home that has been thought out to the smallest detail.

The entire interior was designed by Portuguese architect Sofia Passarinho with a view to balancing her working and personal life. The furniture, which she also designed, can be used in a variety of ways depending on how she wants to use the flat.

All of the furniture is made from black Valchromat because, as she explains, it is “more durable and easier to maintain” than most other products.

Valchromat_Projetos_OCA_Brasil 3

Oca Brasil | Collection Brasiliana, Brazil

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Decorative Panels

Architecture: Oca Brasil y Renata Rubim Design & Cores

Photograph: Oca Brazil

Location: Brasil

Oca Brasil is a Brazilian company specialized in creation and production of wooden wall coverings, with a high environmental concern, using only raw materials that follow international FSC criteria.

Oca Brasil launched the Concrete line, Brasiliana collection, produced from Valchromat, developed in partnership with Renata Rubim Design & Cores. The panels, made of Valchromat in traditional Portuguese tiles of 20×20 formats, are machined, revealing its base and giving contrast between matte and bright. Coating allied with technology and design.

The responsible of Oca Brasil referred that Valchromat was the material used to designing the Concreta collection because Valchromat possesses “two very important characteristics (…): it comes in a variety of beautiful colors and the coloring of the panels is full-thickness. Without these qualities this line of three-dimensional coverings would not have been possible”.

Oca Brasil launched an simulator where you can create your own panel Valchromat. Find it here:

Valchromat_Projetos_Projeto Itinerante_Portugal 5

Project ‘Itinerante’, Portugal

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Module

Architecture: Sofia Parente, André Delgado, Rui Torre, Tiago Delgado.

Design: Carolina Delgado

Photograph: par-do

Location: Portugal

Project “Itinerante” is a modular and transportable exhibition made in Valchromat mint green color – cut with a CNC and fitting together without the use of mechanical grips.

This modular exhibition had been developed in several modules, completely adaptable to different rooms, mixed each other’s according the space available.

Through this engaging scenario made in Valchromat, the Project “Itinerante” is an exhibition focused on Oral Health with the purpose to aim children and youth. It will be present in different schools in some districts of the country, and started in Viana do Castelo, Portugal, on World Oral Health Day, 20th March 2016.

Valchromat_Projetos_Musée d’ethnographie_Suiça 1

Musée d’ethnographie de Genève, Swiss

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Events & Stand

Scenography: MCBD Architectes, Genève

Photograph: © MEG, J. Watts

Location: Musée d'ethnographie de Genève (MEG), Exposition "Amazonie. Le chamane et la pensée de la forêt", Swiss

El MEG – Museo de Etnografía de Ginebra muestra una de las colecciones etnográficas amazónicas más importantes de Europa, notable tanto por la calidad, el origen y la diversidad cultural de los objetos, como por su número (aproximadamente 6,000). Por primera vez en décadas, MEG muestra una amplia gama de objetos de esta área.

Esta exposición fue patrocinada por la Comisión Nacional Suiza para la UNESCO, que reconoce el valor patrimonial de las colecciones MEG y su utilidad para los pueblos amazónicos de hoy.

Desde elegantes plumas de colores brillantes, cerbatanas, arcos y flechas sumergidas en curare, hasta objetos cotidianos, instrumentos musicales o la parafernalia utilizada por chamanes, tabaco, sustancias alucinógenas, alrededor de 500 objetos, fotografías y películas, todos estos elementos se muestran en una exposición 1000 m² de espacio.

El diseño de la exposición, diseñado por los arquitectos de Ginebra, Bernard y Marcel Delacoste Croubalian (MCBD Architects), fue diseñado en Valchromat Chocolate, 12 mm. Dividieron el espacio en áreas separadas: corredor sinuoso evocando un afluente del Amazonas; un dosel alto perforado por los rayos del sol que marca el cambio de una hora a otra; un área densamente arbolada: textiles trabajados; y termina con una estructura que imita la rotonda tradicional yanomami, xabono. La escenografía altamente inmersiva de la exposición ofrece una experiencia única y multisensorial en el corazón de la selva amazónica.

Valchromat_Projetos_Pavilhão SSJ100_Reino Unido 17

SSJ100 Pavilion, United Kingdom

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Flooring, wall and furniture

Construção: Interfiere srl

Client: SuperJet International

Photograph: Cristian Guizzo

Location: United Kingdom

AVIOstudio designed a 400 square meter pavilion in the Farnborough International Airshow (UK), using black Valchromat for the floor, walls and customized furnitures. Valchromat was used without any finishes (varnish, waxes or oils) to keep its natural finish and to be more into the concept of the project: the floor in particular had to remember the asphalt of an airport.

Every two years, since 2008, the Sukhoi Superjet 100 (a Russian-Italian joint venture SuperJet International – modern regional jet with 8 to 108 passenger seats) takes part to the International Airshow: in even years in Farnborough (60 km south-west from London), in odd years in Paris-Le Bourget.

At the beginning of each year SuperJet International make a tender inviting some exhibition contractors and architecture offices for the realization of the chalet (pavilion). The chalet is a business temporary pavilion (by invitation only) which lasts one week, where commercial and marketing events take place.

Some scopes of the chalet were: one unique Product Chalet, one brand to attract customers and visitors and a strong attractiveness for customers and visitors.

“For all of the above reasons we thought that black Valchromat, without any finishes, was the best suitable material to recall the idea of the asphalt runway of the airport, where you can see airplanes coloured by their liveries. The next step we did was to propose the use of the same material also for the walls and for some furnitures.” – Aviostudio, Italy

For more info about Farnborough International Airshow 2016 and Sukhoi Superjet 100 here are the links:

Valchromat_Projetos_Tawla Restaurante_EUA 6

Tawla Restaurant, USA

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Decorative Panel and Furniture

Photograph: Chloe List

Location: USA

Tawla Restaurant, an Eastern Mediterranean food, is located in San Francisco’s Mission District, USA.

The interior of the 2,400-square-foot restaurant is awash in Valchromat geometric patterns inspired by the Mediterranean, including Spanish and Moorish influences, and splashes of turquoise tiles. It fits into the San Francisco aesthetic well: airy, white surfaces, with a pop of color, a dash of mid-century decor, and a living wall. It was designed by cmnd+m with Hemminger Architects (Cala, State Bird Provisions). At the back of the space is a garden patio, where tables are clustered closely together in the spirit of community, and where diners can wait for tables.

Valchromat_Projetos_Coleção Pigmentos_Portugal 14

Collection Pigmentos, Botaca, Portugal

Technical Specifications

Product: Valchromat

Application: Furniture

Photograph: Botaca

Location: Portugal

“Pigmentos” is the latest Botaca’s furniture line that explores modern and traditional materials. The use of Valchromat allows to explore the three-dimensionality of colours and textures. Its combination with natural wood creates an irreverent and elegant collection.

This and other collections can be visited at the Botaca Showroom in Lisbon. Enjoy to get to know your work.

Adress: Avenida 24 de Julho, n.º 4, 1.º Esq.


Valchromat BIM object catalog. For professional use, with all the essential technical information for your project. The downloadable files are for Autodesk Revit software, for Revit versions 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.



It depends on the type of application. When used as furniture, the panels last as long as any piece of furniture.

Owing to the resin used, the panel is more compact and uniform throughout its thickness, enabling it to be worked by machine/drilled without coming apart. When varnished it is almost certain it will not peel.

Valbopan only produces panels, in the sizes shown on the technical datasheet.

No. Valbopan supplies the panels without a finish

No. The tops have the same finish as the surfaces, and so have the same appearance as them.

A wax, oil or varnish finish can be adapted to the panels.

In damp zones the only finish that endows durability is varnish.

Any varnish suitable for wood can be used on Valchromat panels. Acrylic or aliphatic polyurethane varnishes are preferable to polyurethane varnishes as they do not yellow when exposed to sun.

Yes, we provide panels close to every colour, albeit subject to availability through prior consultation, depending on the quantities required.

Valchromat panels have formaldehyde class E1, in line with the EN 13986:2004+A1:2015 European standard.

Naturalidade que perdura.


Valchromat White Grey

Valchromat Light Grey

Valchromat Grey

Valchromat Black

Valchromat Chocolate

Valchromat Red

Valchromat Yellow

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