Valchromat thicknesses

Investwood has implemented a Quality Management System to optimise its resources, increase overall productivity, improve customer satisfaction in terms of their needs and expectations and involve its workforce in organisational improvement projects.

Doing satisfaction surveys is part of the Valbopan’s ISO 9001 Certification process and its continuous improvement philosophy. By carrying out satisfaction surveys, we confirmed how much the market values the availability of different panel thicknesses: 68% of our customers point to the range of thicknesses as one of the main reasons for choosing the panel, with this aspect especially relevant in the European market.

The diversity of the Valchromat range derives from a process of constantly seeking to satisfy the customers’ needs, supplying them with a versatile product with multiple thicknesses which allows several applications: from flooring, walls and ceilings as well as CNC worked items for decorative purposes.






Analysing the market and the competing brands, Valchromat has the advantages of being a panel that is coloured in its mass and which is waterproof, with a broad selection of thickness options throughout the whole range of colours.

As for the Valchromat fire-retardant panel, it is the only fire-retardant panel that is also waterproof and which comes in the full range of thicknesses and colours, just like the Valchromat panels.

Discover our range of thicknesses here.

We can conclude that a Valbopan has a consistent range of thicknesses in all colours both in the Valchromat panel (waterproof by default) and in the Valchromat fire-retardant panel (upon request), allowing more options for the particularities of each project.

Valchromat, your best choice.

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