Valchromat Satisfaction Survey – Results and Conclusions

Investwood has been investing in the implementation of a Quality Management System, with the purpose of optimizing its resources, increasing global productivity, improving the satisfaction of its customers needs and expectations and involving its employees in organizational improvement projects.

It was in this context that Valchromat’s satisfaction surveys were carried out with the aim of continuous improvement. The analysis of the results allowed us to conclude that:

88% of customers would recommend Valchromat

Most valued features:

• Density (93%)

• Machinability (83%)

• Mechanical resistance (83%)

Customers rated it as good and very good:

• Colour range (93%)

• Colour consistency (73%)

• Thickness range (63%)

• Size of panels (66%)

We continue to work to reinforce the positive points, whether from a technical, communication or organizational point of view.

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