Valchromat or MDF Standard? The best choice for furniture

When selecting materials for furniture designs it is essential to consider a variety of available options. In this article, we will compare Valchromat with MDF board and explore the main features and advantages of each. Although MDF is widely used, Valchromat stands out as a superior choice for interior furnishings.

Are you in doubt about which material is best for your next interior design project? Valchromat will be the ideal choice!

Standard MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard

  • MDF is a medium density wood fiberboard;
  • Made from wood fibers and pressed synthetic resins;
  • Known for its smooth, homogeneous, and compact surface, which offers greater density control and dimensional stability;
  • Standard MDF is widely used in furniture and interior decoration and can be coated with various materials.


  • MDF.HLS (Medium Density Fiberboard – Moisture Resistant), stands out among the available options;
  • Homogeneous and compact, Valchromat is mass-coloured as its composition include embedded organic colouring pigments;
  • It is also moisture resistant and has higher density;
  • It can be flame retardant, which makes it even more versatile and resistant.


Benefits of Valchromat

  • Valchromat has a smooth, even surface. This feature allows it to be cut in any direction, enabling a wide variety of designs, shapes, and dimensions for furniture. Design flexibility is a great advantage.
  • With high mechanical resistance and easily manipulated, it accepts several interventions such as cutting, polishing, drilling, gluing, and screwing.
  • Valchromat is more resistant to bending, abrasion and sudden temperature variations than traditional wood, which can dry out over time and cause cracking, warping and warping. Furniture made with Valchromat is more durable and has a longer service life.
  • Valchromat is especially suitable for humid environments, such as kitchens and bathrooms, due to its resistance to moisture. The organic resins that are used in manufacturing protect the material from termite attack. They also provide excellent durability, even in environments with high humidity.


  • A further advantage to furniture, Valchromat can be used for various applications in interior decoration. This material can be exploited as decorative panels, doors, wall coverings, floors, and baseboards. Its homogeneous and colorful appearance makes it a versatile choice for creating unique and personalized environments.
  • Valchromat uses wood from controlled sources, reducing environmental impact. The special resins used in its manufacture have low formaldehyde and volatile compound emissions, complying with the strictest environmental standards.

When comparing Valchromat and standard MDF, it is clear that the former is the ideal choice for interior furnishings. Sustainability, design flexibility, durability, moisture resistance, and versatility of applications make Valchromat panels a superior material to standard MDF.


If you are looking for a high-quality, durable, and aesthetically appealing material for your next furniture project, Valchromat is the right choice. Be inspired by our projects.

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