Valchromat, Moisture resistant panel than can also be fire retardant!

The Valchromat Fire retardant panel is distinguished from the other panels by its ability to be fire-retardant and simultaneously moisture resistant.

Nowadays there is more and more the idea of considering a building as a whole, in which each part is able to fulfill the constructive requirements. Valchromat wants to respond to the requirements of good practices in construction.

We know that the wood panel industry is constantly evolving in order to comply with the criteria of the legislation in the country where they are manufactured, but also in the countries to which they are exported. Valchromat is the perfect decorative solution for the well-being of people in the environment where they live, study, work, as it is a moisture resistant coating, with an ability to create spaces with a healthier interior environment.

Advantages of the Valchromat panel as moisture resistant

Water can be a problem in construction, since it accelerates the degradation of materials, reducing the thermal, acoustic and visual comfort of spaces. It can cause molds and allow the proliferation of microorganisms, jeopardizing the healthiness of buildings. The Valchromat panel allows you to create pleasant, healthy and more resistant spaces to the formation of these pathologies, even when used in bathrooms and kitchens, where there is more humidity in the environment.

Being moisture resistant, the panel has a greater ability to not degrade with the action of water, suffering less swelling and alteration of its appearance.

Accidents like what happened in 2017 at London’s Grenfell Tower are often the click for changing building fire safety codes. The Valchromat Fore retardant panel, combined with the moisture resistant characteristic, is a panel exclusively manufactured by Valbopan. As a panel of class Reaction to Fire B-s2, d0, means that it is a non-flammable panel that can be used to create fire barriers in areas that need a greater demand.

These panels were designed to be used in applications or spaces where the reaction to fire is more prevalent.

Valchromat fore retardant , a panel loaded with good characteristics.

Crédits: For PUFF, Film Studio in Barcelona; MH.AP Studio

Photography: Luis Diaz Diaz

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