Valchromat for Coworking Facilities: Flexibility and Durability in the Working Environment

Coworking facilities have become a popular solution for professionals in various areas that seek a flexible, collaborative and inspirational working environment. As these premises evolve, the choice of materials for their construction and decoration is increasingly crucial to create an environment that boosts productivity and well-being. Among the options available, Valchromat stands out as an innovative choice, offering a unique combination of flexibility, durability and elegance.

What is Valchromat?

Developed in Portugal, Valchromat is a coloured fibreboard panel that is more resistant than standard MDF panels and is waterproof. The uniform colouring throughout the material enables it to be machine-worked without having to be painted, making it easy to create complex and customised designs.

Advantages of Valchromat in Coworking Facilities

Design Flexibility

Coworking facilities have to be versatile to adapt to the different needs and preferences of the users. Valchromat is available in a vast range of colours and is easy to work with, allowing customised furniture and partitions that can be adapted to different layouts and styles. This is especially useful in environments that need to be changed frequently to satisfy the needs of new clients or events.

Durability and Resistance

Valchromat’s durability is one of its main benefits. In coworking facilities, where the furniture and installations are used by many different people on a daily basis, resistance to impacts, scratches and dampness is essential. Valchromat’s robustness ensures the items made from this material will be long-lasting, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and replacement.

Aesthetics and Elegance

Aesthetics is an important factor in any working environment, as it directly influences well-being and productivity. Valchromat, with its uniform colouring, provides a modern and elegant look. The possibility of choosing different colours allows the creation of unique and inspirational premises that reflect the coworking culture and attract different kinds of professionals.

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

Valbopan, the manufacturer of Valchromat, adopts highly efficient working methods to reduce its environmental impact, undertaking to reduce its carbon footprint and cut out waste. Using wood from sustainable and certified sources, the company follows strict environmental management regulations, encouraging the circular economy and energetic and industrial efficiency. These initiatives not only minimise the environmental impacts, but also emphasise Valbopan’s commitment to sustainability, making Valchromat an ecologically responsible choice for coworking facilities.

Applications of Valchromat in coworking facilities


Tables, chairs, shelves and cupboards designed using Valchromat can be tailored to the specific needs of the facility and its users. The resistance of the material ensures that the furniture remains in good condition, even when used intensely.

Partitions and Panels

Valchromat partitions and panels are ideal to create individual working areas or small meeting rooms in a coworking facility. And the flexibility of the panels allows such spaces to be redesigned easily as need be.

Decorative details

Decorative items, like murals and art installations, can be made from Valchromat, adding a splash of colour and personality to the environment. The fact the materials can be machine-worked enables the creation of complex designs that will be difficult to achieve with other materials.

Valchromat is an innovative and efficient solution for coworking facilities, combining flexibility, durability and elegance. Its versatile design, resistance to damage and attractive appearance, combined with sustainable production methods, makes this material an intelligent choice to create modern and inspirational working environments. By adopting Valchromat, a coworking facility can provide a unique and satisfying experience for its users, fostering higher productivity and collaboration in a pleasant and functional environment.

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