Valchromat earns the Environmental Product Declaration – EPD

Valbopan began 2022 with a huge victory by completing the Environmental Product Declaration – EPD for Valchromat and Valchromat flame-retardant products.

This recognition rewards the efforts made to create an environmental policy for the organisation. Mindful of the sustainable use of natural resources that comprise the main raw material the company works with and the growing concerns of the market as regards the correct management of forestry resources, Valbopan has adopted a set of values aimed at preserving the Forest and its Ecosystem.

Goals and benefits:

  • Supply information about the environmental performance of a product or service.
  • Encourage the supply and demand of products and services with lower environmental impacts throughout their life cycle.
  • Boost the factors leading to preferable purchasing choices for both the public and the private sector.
  • Bring about an improved environmental profile for the products of other suppliers, leading to lower environmental pressure on the product or service category.

Valbopan has a medium/long term business strategy guided by the concept of sustained growth, prioritising the use of wood from forests managed in a sustainable manner, and continuously improving its methodologies and processes based on innovation and research. This recognition is proof of a pathway that has been mapped out and defined thinking of the environment.  

See the Valchromat and Valchromat flame-retardant Environmental Product Declaration – EPD here.

Image credits

Design company: Findlay Fraher

Photography: Adam Scott

Place: United Kingdom

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