Customisation with Valchromat: Creation of unique furniture and decorative items

Valchromat is the perfect choice to create unique furniture and decorative items, with exclusive and customised design. This versatile and vibrant high-quality material comprises wood fibres that are coloured throughout their thickness, providing not only durability but also a rich palette of colours that enables one to give free reign to artistic expression.

Storage cabinet – Photo: James Latham

Customisation through machine-working

Machine-working is an essential technique to transform Valchromat into customised and complex items. The endless possibilities include the following:

  • Laser cutting: The precision of laser cutting allows complex and detailed forms to be created. From delicate ornaments to geometric patterns, the technique allows freedom to explore creativity in different scales.
  • CNC machining: CNC machining is a versatile technique that allows Valchromat to be sculpted in 3D designs. From reliefs to precise carvings, CNC machining enables a vast range of design options.
  • Engraving and carving: The capacity to engrave and carve Valchromat allows different textures and customised details to be added. These can vary, ranging from subtle patterns to more striking textures, giving each piece a unique feel to the touch.
  • Precise embedding and joints: Machining allows the creation of precise embedding and joints, leading to perfect assembly of the parts. This not only enhances the structural quality of the piece, but also contributes to more pleasing final aesthetics of the product.
Designer: Pierre Jacob Photo: Pierre Jacob/ Pierre Matagne

Explore your creativity with Valchromat

The versatility of Valchromat combined with the machining techniques opens up a world of possibilities for designers, craftsmen and architects. Valchromat enables furniture to the customised and the decoration of residential or commercial environments, expressing individuality and style.

Storage cabinet – Photo: James Latham

Customised furniture: With Valchromat one can create unique items that not only meet functional needs but also reflect the personal taste of each person. From shelves to tables and bedside tables, the personalisation is limitless.

Unique decorative items: In addition to furniture, Valchromat can be used to create decorative items that give environments their own character. Paintings, panels, wall linings and even works of art can be designed using this material.

The combination of Valchromat and machining provides an interesting method of creating exclusive furniture and decorative items. Its versatility, durability and vast range of colours pave the way for innovation in interior design and furniture. By using machining techniques, each project becomes a unique expression of creativity and personality.

Whether you are seeking a customised piece of furniture or the creation of an environment that tells its own story, Valchromat and machining come together to turn ideas into reality, bringing to life the unique vision of each person.  

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