Valchromat and James Latham united to empowers student creativity in the UK

James Latham, the renowned UK distributor of timber, panels, and decorative surfaces, continues its dedication to fostering innovation in the British furniture industry by supporting Rycotewood College’s annual student competition for the second consecutive year. This year’s competition, themed around “colour and curve” within the context of storage, showcased the immense creative potential of students working with Valchromat and other products.

Since its inception in 1757, James Latham has been at the forefront of championing the UK’s furniture industry. Their collaboration with Rycotewood College, one of the country’s leading institutions for vocational furniture-making training, underscores their commitment to nurturing emerging talent.

The 2023 competition attracted 12-degree students from Rycotewood College, who had ten weeks to craft their innovative pieces. The judging panel announced the winners and commended entries during the college’s end-of-year celebratory show on June 18th.

Unparalleled Versatility of Valchromat

In the Valchromat category, Benjamin Scott triumphed with his sophisticated storage cabinet. The piece featured a stunning fusion of yellow and grey Valchromat with oak, demonstrating Benjamin’s meticulous attention to detail through herringbone-patterned panels. Judges recognized Valchromat’s superior sanding and finishing capabilities and its ability to retain sharp edges when shaped by hand.

Benjamin explained, “Valchromat’s superior sanding and finishing capabilities are remarkable. It outshines alternative materials, effortlessly achieving a flawless surface.”

Josh Hudson, Furniture Lead at Rycotewood, expressed his excitement about the competition’s success, saying, “We’re thrilled to witness the tremendous growth of the students in their ability to work with new materials, as demonstrated through the ambitious and captivating pieces submitted for this year’s competition.”

Aside from the winning and commended projects, all other submissions demonstrated the massive potential of the materials donated by James Latham.

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