Valbopan renewed and stronger than ever!

Valbopan renewed and stronger than ever!

For the Investwood Group, 2021 was not only marked by the fire that occurred in Valbopan, but also by the restart of operations, with the promise of becoming stronger than ever.

After the fire, the plant located in Nazaré was forced to stop the production and carry out deep reconstruction. These works and the acquisition of new machinery reinforced the production, which is assumed to be of even higher quality. Valbopan produces three of the main brands of the Investwood group – Valchromat, Valbopan MDF and Valboard.

During the rehabilitation process, the exterior of the factory also had improvements, it now has a new and more sober façade. The green strip that we can find all along the unit represents the renewal and vitality that the factory now presents, as well as the respect for the preservation of the environment and sustainability.

The principle of sustainability is present in the entire production process, and the factory uses wood from sustainable sources, making use of the forest in a responsible way.

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