Valboard is an MDF panel manufactured by Valbopan and coloured in the mass. It is manufactured from pine wood fibres, bonded with synthetic resins, through the action of heat and pressure with the addition of organic dyes that give it colour throughout the mass. The final product is a homogeneous panel, easy to cut, uniform density, smooth and uniform surfaces, low formaldehyde emission (Class E1), for use in a dry environment.


It is manufactured in thicknesses of 8 and 19 mm, in grey and black colours. The Valboard panel, due to the use of organic dyes and the variation in the natural colour of the wood, presents differences in shade. This variation can be observed on the same face, between faces of the same panel and between different productions.

Valchromat_Produto_Maquinabilidade 1


The Valboard panel is produced in different colors, thicknesses and dimensions.

For more information, please check Valboard MDF Technical Data Sheet.

ColoursProductThickness (MM)Dimension (MM)Sample Request
8 | 192440x1220 | 2440x1830
3660x1220* | 3660x2440*
8 | 192440x1220 | 2440x1830
3660x1220* | 3660x2440*
(*) Dimensions available on request, minimum order 30 m3


Valboard panels should be stored in a covered area, protected from sunlight and rain, with a flat and horizontal base. Pallets should be placed on supports with sufficient height for easy forklift access. The maximum distance between supports should not exceed 80 cm.

If the pallets are piled on top of each other, all the support bases must be aligned to prevent deformations.


DensityKg/m3800750EN 323
Fire ReactionN/mm2F-s2, d0D-s2, d0EN 13501
Flexural StrengthN/mm22320EN 310
Flexural ModulusN/mm227002200EN 310
Internal BondN/mm20,650,55EN 319
Swelling 24 h%1712EN 317


Valbopan S.A. holds the Chain of Responsibility Certification (CdR), according to the applicable regulatory frameworks, within the scope of FSC® and PEFCTM (FSC® FSC-C101993 and PEFCTM PEFC / 13-31-027).

Valboard panel can be supplied with one of these certifications on request.


Sales of these products applies to all countries except Germany. For any question, please use the contact means we have at your disposal.

The Valboard panel has CE Marking, system 4. Notified body LNEC No. 0856 carried out the necessary correlation.


Decorative panels


Exhibition stands


Free from knots and chips, no directional pattern on the surface, flat and dense surfaces, good dimensional stability, good mechanical resistance, easy to finish.



Non Toxic


Easily installed

Thermal insulation


The Valboard panel is supplied without finishing. For final use it is recommended to finish the surfaces and tops using varnish, wax or oil.


Sales of these products applies to all countries except Germany. For any question, please use the contact means we have at your disposal.

Valboard Panels

Valboard Grey

Valboard Black