Valboard. Simplicity and efficacy in an MDF with two colours and two thicknesses.

At Valbopan we seek certification for our products as we believe this affords us greater credibility and safeguards our continuation at the vanguard of the industry.

We are therefore delighted to announce that the Valboard product now contains the AVCP 4 System EC Marking.

Valboard is an MDF panel that is coloured right the way through its thickness, using ecological organic colouring, for use in zones where there is no need for waterproofing. Its benefits include its low cost and excellent mechanical resistance.

Its low level of formaldehyde complies with the E1 emission class, which is accepted in law in countries where we are sure it will prove a popular product.

The resistance of Valboard allows it to be applied on ceilings, walls, furniture, decorative panels, doors and stands.

With a homogenous appearance and smooth surface, it comes in two thicknesses (8 and 19 mm) and two original colours (grey and black), different from the other products we sell.

Exclusively for indoor use, Valboard can be a source of inspiration for innovative projects. Whether used to create inventive or standard premises, with straight lines, it allows a range of solutions and assembly.

The surface of the material is speckled, to a greater or lesser degree, with small visible wood fibres that did not absorb the organic colouring and this is of particular importance as it endows each application with a unique and extremely natural look.

Find out about all the features that make the Valboard panels stand out:

Valboard is the design solution full of life that you have been looking for, recreating environments and combining with other materials that are natural to a greater or lesser degree. Be original and effective with your options!

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