Tradition and innovation for the modular construction of the future

Modular construction is an efficient method of construction of buildings that uses modules prefabricated off-site, under controlled conditions. These modules are built from various materials and follow the same installation codes and rules as conventional construction. Modular construction provides considerable benefits, such as low costs and faster building time. In this article we explore the advantages of using VIROC panels for modular construction systems.

Benefits of VIROC for modular construction

The right choice of material plays a crucial role in the success of modular construction projects. The specific features of VIROC panels make them the ideal material. We highlight the main benefits of using VIROC panels in modular construction:

  • Versatility of applications: VIROC panels can be used both outdoors and indoors. Outdoors, we highlight fencing and finishes for façades, while inside they can be used to line walls, floors, ceilings and furniture within the modules. This versatility enables its application in a wide variety of projects, such as homes, hotels, warehouses, shops and schools.
  • Resistance and durability: VIROC panels have excellent mechanical resistance, which make them durable and able to withstand stormy weather. The panels do not bend, meaning they can be used as a structural item. Their durability ensures that the modular construction will maintain its features, comfort and quality over time.
The Barn
  • Comfort and safety: VIROC panels help to insulate areas in terms of temperature and acoustics. They are suitable for hot and cold environments, providing comfortable and sound-proof surroundings. Furthermore, VIROC panels have waterproof and flameproof properties, offering protection against damp and fire. These features lend the material unique attributes of efficiency and safety for modular construction.
  • Design: VIROC panels are available in six different colours, which enables designers to be versatile and original. Moreover, the panels can easily be cut, manipulated and machine worked, giving rise to different forms and finishes in the modular construction.
  • Sustainability: VIROC panels are highly sustainable. They are suitable for the construction of modules that can be disassembled, reallocated or redesigned for fresh use. This reduces the demand for raw materials and minimises the quantity of energy needed to satisfy different needs. By preparing the panels in the factory, wastage is minimised thanks to stock control and protection of the construction materials.
Sweet Box In-Tenta

The panels are extremely versatile and can be used at several stages of the construction, with different applications and finishes. These factors make Viroc panels perfect for projects that require agility and versatility.

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