Toys & Valchromat, the winning combination

The Advantages of using Valchromat in toys 

Every year new toys are developed, both for fun and educational purposes. Toys can be modern, but they must also be durable, safe and resistant. Colour is very important in children’s worlds, as it stimulates the imagination and is something they value. Thus, the Valchromat 11-colour palette is a strong point in choosing this panel to make the Croc Toys and Koki Toys.

These toys, in Valchromat, are safe for the environment and a friendlier option than plastic ones. Valchromat, coloured throughout, contains toxic-free pigments, so safety is guaranteed, as it is a fact that most plastic toys can chip or break easily, leaving small pieces that children can ingest or sharp edges that can hurt.

CrocToys and Koki Toys offer excellent educational value, gradually developing reasoning skills and fine motor coordination. They make use of the colour and strength of the material. What else would make these wonderful and original shapes, combining colour, without painting, and being 100% safe?

Classic in appearance and providing a tactile sensation, children find it interesting to play with toys of different textures, shapes, sizes and weights, in an original mix and unique design where Valchromat board has become the best choice. These toys incite imagination and encourage social interaction.

Being moisture resistant, in these objects, the Valchromat panel, if it gets dirty, can be easily cleaned and used for the next playtime.

Look for original, yet safe and educational toys that both children and parents love.

“The choice of Valchromat as a main defining material for our brand was key for us. The material has some main benefits that make it unique: first of all, it is safe for kids to use according to European standard (EN 71-3). Then, as it is fully coloured, even if the toys we create are damaged, they will always have a nice colour to show. Quite the opposite of a lacquer for example. Then the structural strength of Valchromat makes our toys more durable in time. Another benefit of the coloured material is that we can avoid one manufacturing step (painting) and use the natural colours provided. Finally, the colour palette of Valchromat helps us to define a strong visual brand identity.”

Max Valembois – Croc Toys

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