The importance of FSC® and PEFC™ certification

FSC® (FSC – Forest Stewardship Council®) and PEFC™ (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification™) are the most recognised international certifications in Portugal.

Valbopan and Viroc are holders of these two certifications, thus ensuring that they manage their business in such a way as to guarantee that they respond to such current issues as sustainability and best practices in forestry issues.

The FSC® is a non-profit organisation, which is based on environmentally friendly forest management rules, with 10 basic principles, among which are compliance with general legislation, safeguarding the welfare of local communities and protecting high conservation values.

PEFC™ is a private sector initiative, which wants to promote and protect forests in a sustainable way. It assures consumers and the public that forests certified under the programme are managed in accordance with the Helsinki criteria.

The trade in wood products has been investing in a sustainable operation present throughout the process, from its origin to arrival at the end consumer. Thus, these certifications guarantee that the process is controlled and verified at all stages.

The FSC® and PEFC™ standards are proof of the international recognition that both companies operate and safeguard sustainability issues in the first place, whether related to economic, environmental, or social functions.

Thus, the Valbopan and Viroc brands are complying with the required values, adding value to the product they place on the market. It also allows expansion and entry into new markets where these issues are increasingly relevant.

We aim to promote sustainable development by making the right choices when we buy our raw materials and when we make our products available on the construction market.

Our factories are a symbol to guarantee the promotion of sustainable forest management by having the FSC® and PEFC certification mark.

The certifications logo guarantees the “seal of approval” and is present on our packaging, website, and documents.

It is always a source of pride when we help the planet.

FSC® Certifications

Valbopan | FSC® (FSC® C101993)

Viroc | FSC® (FSC® C173361)

PEFC Certifications

Valbopan | PEFC™ (PEFC 13-31-027)

Viroc | PEFC (PEFC 13-31-251)

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