The advantages of installing Viroc – waterproof property

The water-repellent property of Viroc panels has enabled this material to become a trend in construction. Thanks to its simple, fast and dry construction systems, Viroc is increasingly used in projects today as it allows creative projects with shorter drying times and lower costs.

Traditional construction methods are inefficient in this field and the benefits of using Viroc are increasingly appreciated as the panels prevent many problems created by water infiltrating the building materials.

Water is responsible for worsening the deterioration of building materials, diminishing thermal comfort and the unsightly appearance of the finish.

With regard to health, the mould that water can give rise to is worrying, leading to microorganisms that can cause irreversible damage. Viroc panels can help prevent such problems. Their water-repellent nature allows them to be used in damp zones, preventing unwanted situations and providing more comfortable living conditions.

As they are water-repellent, the panels have greater resistance to potential damage by water and are less likely to swell or alter their appearance.

Viroc has been used in the Balance gym in Lisbon, in zones where its water-repellent nature is put to the test.

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