Spring: Flowers, colours and Valchromat White Grey

After the shorter and darker days of the winter months, when we cosily gathered around the fireplace, the long-awaited springtime has arrived. New season, new environment!

Do you feel the need to remodel or make changes to your home at the start of a new season? Include plants in the change and find out how Valchromat White Grey can help create a more springtime look.

Just like changing your wardrobe, a new season is the time to renew your home or working environment, drop the more wintery decoration style and bring your surroundings to life. The arrival of spring brings a change of mood and the need for rejuvenation, more joy and greater vitality. The days are also longer and brighter and you spend more time outdoors.

It’s the ideal time to refresh the home, lending it a happier and fresher environment. To feel the season in the places where we socialise, we have to take advantage of the abundant light and create environments with details that transmit the feeling of renovation and lightness.

Plants and Flowers

One of the ways of bringing spring into interior decoration is through natural plants and flowers, which are fundamental to establish a perfect link between the indoors and outdoors.

Arranging plants or bunches of flowers in vases, buying bouquets or gathering flowers from the garden can transform the home into a small springtime paradise. Natural plants can and should be used in any environment. As well as adding colour and texture to any room, they purify the air and create a fresher and more natural sensation.

Colours and Valchromat White Grey

Colours also have an important role to play in this remodelling process.

  • Bright and vibrant colours, such as pinks and reds, or the freshness of the entire range of greens, are linked to spring as they reflect nature in all its splendour, in the blooming of flowers of the season.
  • Yellows and oranges are colours we see in many spring flowers, and above all which symbolise the sun. They can be used to paint or line walls, or may be present in the small details such as accessories, cushions, mats and curtains

However, it is bright and fresh colours that are the key to decoration for a new season. They serve as the basis and have a huge impact. By reflecting light, they ensure perfect harmony with the natural world and the rest of the spring colours.

Valchromat White Grey

When we talk about colour, we need to talk about Valchromat. Within its palette of colours, White Grey is the perfect choice to imprint a bright tone to environments, without neglecting the warmth and cosiness of wood.

Launched in 2021, White Grey is the brightest and most refreshing shade in the line of Valchromat panels and the one which is most suited to projects seeking neutrality alongside personality. It also incorporates the natural appearance of the wood, which is a perfect item for spring environments, whether at work or at rest.

Valchromat White Grey ensures the sobriety needed for corporate environments, but also the comfort for the home or socialising areas. When combined with other colours, textures and materials, there is no limit to the imagination. It allows the creation of spaces with a difference, without losing the lightness and freshness desired when designing rooms suited to the new season.

As well as the advantages of the colour, Valchromat always stands out owing to its premium quality, homogeneity, and its resistance to loads, dampness and even fire. With a host of applications, it can be used for the most wide-ranging purposes, such as lining walls or floors, or to create furniture for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms or bedrooms.

The fact it is highly resistant to scratches when being cut and perforated allows the simplest or the most complex details to be created on surfaces. Let your imagination run wild!

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03/03/2023 – Vanessa Seixas

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