Softbox, Seattle

The construction of this home in Seattle was designed for a family of three, taking into account the aspects that the proprietors deemed most important. Read about the building and the essential role played by Viroc in this article.

One of the proprietors, as well as being a photographer who had photographed some of the most beautiful houses in the northwest Pacific region, is also an architect specialised in refurbishing buildings. Thanks to this combination, he knew exactly what he wanted for his family.

Light was one of the main facets. He wanted to take maximum advantage of it. Therefore, the whole of the design respected this principle, as well as the environmental conditions of the northwest Pacific region, creating an efficient house. The durability of the materials chosen was another of the main concerns, where Viroc panelling proved to be an excellent ally. Finally, ease of access was also an important factor, and all the rooms were designed with this principle in mind.

The home consists of two spaces, one indoors and the other outdoors, which are completely separate, allowing them to be taken maximum advantage of.

The idea regarding the outdoor zone was to make it useful, creating a small kitchenette, a bathroom and a shower space. This space also has electric panels to take advantage of the solar energy and to protect the environment.

The indoor area, the house, was designed to fulfil several functionalities. In addition to the living area, it would also accommodate a working area and a gym. All the areas are prepared to receive people of reduced mobility, thus allowing access for all.

Energy efficiency and the durability of the materials used, the quest to make it low-maintenance and consequently reduce its environmental impact, were important decisions throughout the entire construction and which clearly led to choosing Viroc.

Viroc is synonymous with flexibility and durability and was therefore the choice to line the outside with grey panelling, but also to line the inside of the ceiling with white panelling. This choice of neutral colours created a pleasing contrast with the natural black pine tarmac.  Viroc enabled the smooth indoor-outdoor transition.

More than a space to live in and welcome visitors, the proprietors wanted to create experiences. The living room has an embedded sound system so experiences such as theatre and cinema can be enjoyed to the full. Several of the divisions are separated by sliding doors, so the family can take advantage of the space while doing their hobbies.

This construction, as well as a home, is a space where the family can create memories and enjoy experiences. The premise from the start was to create environments based on the initial sketches that would all converge on the idea of the project and the pathway to follow, including the materials chosen. As such, Viroc was the obvious choice to meet the needs in terms of durability and maintenance of the materials and the feasibility of the whole idea in the creation of the house.

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