Rehabilitate sustainably

If you are looking for a sustainable product for the rehabilitation of buildings and beyond, know that VIROC is the ideal product.

In sustainable architecture, also called green architecture, the election of building materials is based on durability, appearance, safety and functionality.

Viroc panels are the product of choice for many architects and designers in the rehabilitation of buildings, both outside and inside. In addition to giving a natural look, they are an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator. Available in various colours and thicknesses, they enable the development of visually interesting and contemporary projects.

The wood particles, which are part of its composition, reduce the carbon footprint of the buildings where they are applied and optimize their energy efficiency.

Discover all the features that distinguish Viroc panels in a different way:

The strength and durability of cement combined with the flexibility of wood make Viroc a versatile panel and an ally in the rehabilitation of homes, hotels, commercial establishments, among others. It can be used in different situations: facades, walls, ceilings, furniture, design pieces, kitchens, bathrooms, lost formwork and floors.

Vale do Tua Project – Before

Vale do Tua Project – After

Bairro Social em Alicante Project – Before

Bairro Social em Alicante Project – After

Visit the projects area here and let yourself be inspired.

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