New Product: Valchromat E05

Valchromat E05 vs Valchromat E1

The challenge to transform the Valchromat panel into a panel with less formaldehyde* emissions was one of the goals we set ourselves for 2020. Before all else, we could never neglect the fact that we wanted to preserve the properties that make this panel so special. We want it to continue to be the best option to use in its various applications, from furniture to construction.

Valchromat has singular physical and mechanical properties that derive from its constitution, making it appropriate for multiple applications, while keeping its density and internal cohesion intact, and its ability to be machine worked/milled without disintegrating, whatever it is used for. We have managed to improve its constitution (reducing the formaldehyde), to afford better conditions for human health.

There are currently two formaldehyde emission classes in Europa: E2 and E1. The latter has a threshold of 0.124 mg/m3 corresponding to 0.10 ppm in accordance with the EN 717-1 standard. Manufacturers in most European countries comply with the E1 class thresholds, in line with WHO guidelines. And this was also the case of the original Valchromat panel.

The Valchromat E05 has been developed owing to our desire to produce a panel with fewer emissions. The formaldehyde emissions resulting from the Valchromat E05 panel have a limit of 0.05 ppm in accordance with the EN 717-1 standard. This new panel has half the quantity of a formula that in itself is a product for which Valchromat made strenuous efforts to reduce the formaldehyde content.

The Valchromat panel is moisture resistant by default and therefore can be used to support loads in damp environments, classified as MDF.HLS. The driving principle behind the development of the Valchromat E05 panel was to keep all the features intact of Valchromat in terms of the colours and thicknesses available, while being the only coloured panel on the market that has a low formaldehyde level throughout its entire range, in addition to maintaining its moisture resistant characteristic.

One can therefore conclude that the panel loses none of its qualities in obtaining this reduction in formaldehyde. It will have the same features while complying with the WHO recommendations.

The production of the Valchromat E05 panel is audited on a regular basis and has certification issued by an independent accredited entity which confirms how the panel complies with the specifications of BREEAM International.

*Formaldehyde is a naturally occurring compound of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen expressed by the chemical formula CH2O. It is an important precursor of a range of materials and chemical compounds, which when combined with other compounds result in a resin that confers Valchromat its super properties. It also helps to prevent fungi. No material containing wood is exempt from some amount of formaldehyde.

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