Machine working Valchromat panels

Valchromat panels are made from wood fibreboard and have the same colour throughout their thickness. The fibres are coloured individually, impregnated with organic colouring and connected to one another using a special resin that affords Valchromat panels their unique physical/mechanical properties. The product is considered the next generation of coloured MDF. Its competitive advantages include the availability of a wide range of colours, resistance to dampness, low tool abrasion, versatility of applications, the possibility to create 3D objects through successive overlaying of panels, easy machine working/drilling, maintenance of a cohesive interior without any crumbling and high mechanical resistance.

Its consistent colour is a strong point much appreciated by Valchromat’s customers and a positive feature compared to the competition. The colour remains the same even when the panels are cut or machine worked, leading to uniform surfaces whereby the edges have the same appearance as the faces of the panel.

Valchromat allies the natural look of wood to added colour and texture, which enables originality to be endowed to any project by creating large 3D objects, taking advantage of all the textures, bringing out the best in architecture, art and engineering.

The size of the panels and their capacity to be machine worked, whether using CNC or manually, make Valchromat ideal as decorative panels. This application makes the most of the colour, allying the originality and three-dimensionality of the panels to bring them to life and confer a unique appearance to any site where they are applied.  

The ability to machine-work the Valchromat panels is a feature that has piqued the interest of architects and designers. This mechanical resistance of the Valchromat material is achieved by adding special resins in its composition, endowing the panels with greater internal cohesion, which allows 30% more mechanical resistance compared to standard MDF, and therefore can be used in structural work.

Valchromat panels are a very complete product with numerous benefits and applications. Browse through some of them here.

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