Learn about the new Valchromat colour – Khaki

Valchromat has added a new colour to its palette. Khaki is the colour selected and in this article we explain its advantages and its best applications.

Khaki came about in 19th-century military uniforms and is associated with soldiers’ clothing and camouflage, but today it is also a colour in vogue in interior decoration.

As khaki is a colour of nature, it transmits a cosy environment to any house division, be it a bedroom or bathroom, or a living room for socialising, and even a kitchen. In this article we show Khaki being used in several areas, exemplifying it versatility.

The big advantage of this colour is that, as a neutral shade, it combines perfectly with other colours. If the idea is to let another brighter colour stand out, khaki is ideal to create this contrast, while at the same time not completely stealing one’s attention.

This new Valchromat colour combines with several materials, such as wood, to bring more naturalness, harmony and calmness to your room; and steel, to create a modern, sober and contemporary environment.



This new colour in the Valchromat palette is therefore officially presented: a versatile, warm and difference-making khaki. It is ideal for designers who are feeling inspired and want to challenge the limits of their creativity with a colour that is in fashion.

Are you tempted to try out this Valchromat colour?


As we are talking about colours in this article, we also inform you that we shall be keeping 10 colours in our Valchromat palette.

Khaki will replace violet, which will no longer be produced as a standard colour.

Khaki dimensions (mm): 2440 x 1220 | 2440 x 1830 | 3660 x 1220 | 3660 x 2440

Thicknesses (mm): 8 | 12 | 16 | 19 | 30

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