Important considerations when choosing a floor

Choosing the ideal flooring is a big challenge given the variety of materials, colours, finishes and types of applications on offer. The choice of material should take into account the type of use at the location where the floor will be installed.

For an elegant, practical and functional environment, several variables should be considered when defining the flooring, both for refurbishments and for new premises. Information about the type of traffic and load expected at the location, the climate, mechanical resistance, resistance to dampness, anti-slip capacity, maintenance and durability are indispensable when deciding on the right flooring for each environment.

Another important factor is the temperature of the material when choosing the flooring. The temperature is related to the sensation to the human touch: cold floors confer a sensation of freshness and temperature reduction, while hot floors have a more constant temperature.

Serra do Pilar Monastery, Portugal

Intimate and welcoming environments like bedrooms and living rooms ask for warmer linings such as wood and carpets, while for passageways, service areas or zones that will be damp such as kitchens or bathrooms cold stone or ceramic linings are more suitable.

In business environments, be it an individual office or a shared work space, the choice of lining for the floor will have a big effect on the acoustics and temperature, directly influencing the wellbeing and productivity of the staff.

Among the alternatives available, MDF as a floor lining is an excellent choice.

Valchromat panelling is technically classified as an MDF.HSL and its features allow it to be used as an underlayer supporting the finish of the floor, either placed on top of beams or on new or existing lining.

Valchromat_Projetos_Pavilhão SSJ100_Reino Unido 14
SSJ100 Pavilion, United Kingdom

Ecologically sustainable, Valchromat is produced from wood fibres of certified origin, with a higher density and resistance to bending than normal MDF. Coloured throughout its thickness, using organic colours, 11 different colours are available, and it can therefore be tailored to the needs and personality of each project. It has good acoustic, fire-resistance and damp-proof properties.

If they are used to line floors, it is recommended that the Valchromat panels are varnished to protect the surface against wear and tear and to make it easier to clean and maintain.

Surprise yourself with the beauty and versatility of Valchromat panels.

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