Home Sweet Office

The outbreak of COVID-19 has forced us to change many of our habits. Our home has become the only safe place to be and where we spend most of our time. Our daily routines have been transformed and we are faced with the challenge of working online.

The need to find space in our home for our daily domestic routine, an office, a classroom and even an improvised gym is challenging for any family and necessitates the rethinking of the home and the best way to conciliate all these spaces, in safety.

Overnight, the dining room table has transformed into the office desk, but both functions are still required. It is therefore important that this space is resistant and suffers as little wear and tear as possible. Valchromat and Viroc panels are excellent allies in these transformations given that they can be applied as linings for floors, walls and even furniture.

The more creative among us have aimed to create an embedded office table that fits perfectly into that most vacant space of the home. Do not despair! We’re here to help!

The vibrant Valchromat colours lend themselves to imaginative juxtapositions, bright ideas and increase our comfort, enabling great solutions for the creation of office desks, resulting in a clean finish without having to worry about the details of edging, sanding corners or such like. With Viroc you can line your floor to guarantee longer endurance and a high degree of thermal and acoustic comfort.

The home environment plays a very important role in our ability to concentrate and enjoy our leisure time. It is indispensable to have a luminous space, with light decoration, embellished with splashes of colour, and high-quality materials that are comfortable and easy on the eye and the touch.

Interior design and psychology are increasingly connected, and this is reflected in the colours, furniture, accessories and also the materials that surround us. It all contributes to one’s physical and mental well-being.

The relationship between colours and well-being is not consensual. You can opt for more relaxing colours such as blue, softer shades such as grey and raw tones, or natural colours such as greens. If you need some zest, you can opt from the palette of yellows, oranges or reds.

As well as aesthetics and durability, we seek to create safe spaces and this is where Viroc and Valchromat come to the fore once again, as they are resistant to dampness and are waterproof, fire-retarding and avoid the deterioration of the space.

When we talk about refurbishments we need not necessarily think about major works. A simple DIY job can bring new life to your home and create a cosy environment. You can create frames using Valchromat for photographs of your loved ones, decorative items and even toys.

Plants also upgrade to your living quarters, providing oxygen and improving the quality of the air, as well as lending your home a sensation of peace. Have you seen the flower boxes made from Viroc? They are beautiful, natural and go well with any decoration.

The strange times we are going through require us to spend more time at home and the most important thing is to feel good in our own space, even if to do so we need to make small refurbishments or adjustments. The hard part may be finding the ideal materials.

Through this article we intend to show the diversity of applications and advantages of the Viroc and Valchromat panels and how they can be the perfect solution for the changes you have been thinking of.

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