Finishes for Valchromat panels: Application and maintenance

Valchromat panels are renowned in the world of interior design and furniture for their versatility, durability and aesthetics. Made from coloured fibreboard, these panels allow a vast range of possible finishes. Are you thinking of using Valchromat panels in your projects? This article will give essential tips for the proper application of the finish and maintenance of the panel, helping you obtain lasting high-quality results.


Before applying any finish on Valchromat panels, it is important to correctly prepare the surface. Make sure all the panels are clean, dry and free from dust or dirt. Lightly sand the surface to remove any bumps and then clean it using an air blower or preferably through aspiration.

Choosing the finish

There are several options available for the finish of Valchromat panels. The right choice depends on the intended result, type of application and the environment in which the panels will be used. The following are popular finishes:

  • Varnish: Provides protection and brings out the colour of the Valchromat panels. Choose a suitable varnish to use on wood and follow the manufacturer’s application instructions.
  • Paint: If you intend to change the colour of your panels, paint is a feasible option. Make sure you choose a high-quality paint for wood, applying it evenly with a paint gun.
  • Oil or wax: For a more natural finish, oil or wax are good options. These products penetrate into the Valchromat fibres, enhancing their texture and providing protection. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the correct application.

Applying the finish

Irrespective of the finish you select, it is important to follow the general application guidelines:

  • Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions: Each type of finish has its own application instructions. Make sure you read them carefully and follow all the recommendations to obtain the best results.
  • Test it out first: Before applying the finish on the entire surface of the panels, do a test on a discreet zone or on a sample. The test is useful to see the how it looks and how well the product adheres to the surface.
  • Apply fine layers: It is preferable to apply several fine layers instead of one thick layer. This will prevent the accumulation of the product and make sure it dries uniformly without the formation of blisters.
  • Wait until it dries out completely: Make sure each layer is completely dry before applying the next one or handling the panels in any way.

Proper maintenance

To keep the Valchromat panels looking pristine and to prolong their life, they must be maintained correctly:

  • Clean regularly: Use a soft and damp cloth to clean the panel surfaces, removing dust and dirt. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents that may damage the finish.
  • Avoid excessive exposure to moisture: Valchromat panels are damp-resistant. Nevertheless, it is important to avoid prolonged exposure to water or excessive dampness, as this may compromise their performance and appearance over time.
  • Protection against scratches and impacts: Take care when handling sharp or heavy objects near the Valchromat panels. These objects may scratch or damage the surface.

It is essential to correctly prepare the surface, choose the right finish, apply it carefully and keep up a regular maintenance routine.

By implementing the advice mentioned in this article, you can fully benefit from the beauty and functionality of the Valchromat panels for many years. It will also help you obtain impressive and lasting results for your projects. Try out different finishing techniques to create a customised look that perfectly suits your style.

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