Modular Construction with Viroc

Modular construction consists of designing a building off site, using the same rules and the best materials for its design.  

Examples of this type of construction are the APH80 Portable Home project, by the Ábaton studio and the VDM project, by the architects Rodrigo Alegre and Carlos Acosta.

The advantages of this type of construction choice are several, starting with the shorter construction time. The quality of the materials is also of central importance for the house to provide the same or better conditions as a traditional brick and concrete house. 

Thus, Viroc has qualities that can help in this set of premises that a house needs to be comfortable and effective. Firstly, it is a material that can be used inside and outside, with great durability and resistance. Viroc provides acoustic and thermal insulation to the space. In addition, it is available in 6 colours, giving an original versatility that can help each house to differentiate itself.

The houses mentioned above are award-winning and recognised, both clad in Viroc, as a ventilated façade with thermal insulation. The structure was thought out and calculated to the millimetre and the manufacturing time and placement on site was quick (4 to 6 weeks).

The systematised construction process in a modular house allows rigour and at the same time flexibility and reuse of materials, as modular buildings can be dismantled and the modules renovated for new use, reducing the demand for raw materials and minimising the amount of energy used to create a new building.

Also of note, as the modular structure is made in a controlled factory environment using dry materials such as Viroc, the chance of moisture being trapped in the new construction is almost zero.

These dwellings are the result of a thorough study designed to live in a home with the best possible conditions, with differentiated spaces within it, whose experiences differ according to the environment created (kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.). 

The modular units can be designed to adapt to any street frontage and the modular units, once assembled, are completely equal to those of traditional brick and concrete construction or even more peculiar, if you like.

Those who inhabit such a house crave a simple life, in tune with nature. They are simple and robust constructions that want above all to provide comfort. Viroc was essential in this choice, both for its composition and for its somewhat rough appearance and inserted in the natural surroundings of the houses.

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