Colours and materials: Trends for 2023

The start of a new year is always a time for deep reflection and for setting targets and priorities. Our house and the places where we spend most of our time are our comfort zones and play a role in all our decisions. It is therefore important to think about them when a new cycle is beginning.

In this article, we will look at and present the main trends for 2023 in terms of colours and materials, and how these two factors are closely intertwined with the products supplied by Viroc and Valchromat.

Every year trends in colours, fashion, design, architecture and decoration change. As well as proving inspirational, trends define the aesthetics in the most wide-ranging of fields of activity and are closely linked to social behaviours and consumption.

2023 Trends

For 2023, we have the following trends:

  • Vibrant colours
  • The Green of plants
  • Colours of natural materials
  • Energy efficiency

The trends in colours of the year sweep across all fields, from the world of fashion to architecture or interior design, with neutral and natural colours coming to the fore, which are invaded by the blues, greens, yellows and violets. These colours are the preferred choices for the coming season and we believe they will be influential all year round.

The fashion and design research agencies have identified three macro trends for 2023:

  • Nature
  • Empowerment
  • Universal cure through inclusion

These macro trends, allied to creativity, boldness and personality will give rise to the most wide-ranging solutions through a mixture of materials and styles, conferring durability and value to projects.

A mix of materials is gaining weight and reaffirms the idea of universality and versatility. The combination of colder materials with a more rustic appearance, alongside warmer and more welcoming materials, enables the creation of environments that cater for all tastes. When you add in textures, patterns and colours, the project takes on even more character and individuality.

As not everything is new, the intention is to bring nature indoors, whether by using plants or through more diverse natural and patterned materials, which continue to play a leading role and are gaining in popularity. What started as a trend is now something that is accepted and well established. The natural look gives a special touch to projects and brings the great outdoors into buildings.

Whatever the colours or materials selected for 2023, the world of design has a clear agenda: sustainability and comfort, through the creation of cosy and inviting environments. Resistance and durability, allied to more ecologically friendly materials while seeking to bring about the right aesthetic result, is crucial for decision making in a project.

The quest for better places, for a more conscientious and versatile architecture and construction, without neglecting the desire for innovation, makes the material, appearance and colour range of Viroc and Valchromat perfect for the trends of this new season.

The versatility and presence of sober colours, dictated by the trends of fluency and harmony with the natural environment, allow Viroc and Valchromat to align seamlessly with this new way of looking at structures: colourful, enduring, conscientious and smoothly blending into the surrounding spaces and landscape.

It is easy to combine the natural appearance of cement and wood with the broadest variety of materials, while sticking to the goal of producing naturalist patterns and fluid forms, without losing the realism and awareness of coming up with aesthetically attractive solutions which are also efficient.

The Valchromat colour palette allows one to combine, complement and contrast, with the colours that are trending in 2023, without losing focus of resistance. Not to mention the almost limitless possibilities of machine working the material without it losing its character, which gives rise to the most incredible and customised creations.

How to explore Viroc and Valchromat

  • Explore by using Viroc outdoors, taking advantage of its appearance, combined with its thermal and acoustic insulation properties.
  • Explore by using Viroc indoors, for walls, floors and ceilings, combined with the palette of Valchromat colours. As well as the variety of colours, it is necessary to highlight that the Valchromat panels are resistant to loads and dampness, which make them perfectly suited to the creation of modern and welcoming environments.
  • Never lose focus of efficiency and sustainability.

To work with Viroc and Valchromat is to work in harmony with the trends for the new season, creating unique and difference-making projects.

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