Colour, Safety and Versatility in Offices

After some well-earned holidays, it’s time to get back to work and school.

To ensure a productive and inspirational environment, it is essential to invest in high-quality materials. Ideally, as well as being sustainable, these materials should provide wellbeing, safety and comfort through thermal and acoustic insulation.

In this article we present Valchromat, a colourful, safe, non-toxic and versatile panel with numerous applications and which provides comfort in terms of temperature and acoustics. It is therefore the ideal choice for schools and offices.

Add Colour to your Work Environment

Valchromat stands out because of its wide range of vibrant colours, enabling you to customise your work environment in a unique manner.

Studies on colour psychology show how different colours affect people’s mood, motivation and productivity in the workplace and school environments.

  • “Colour in the Office Environment: Productivity and Satisfactory Level”* analysed the relationship between the colour of the work environment and the productivity of the employees. The study concluded that colours such as blue and green can increase productivity and improve the workers’ wellbeing.
  • “Effects of Colour on Emotions and Task Performance”* and “The Influence of Colour on Learning and Behaviour”* suggest that the proper use of colours in classrooms can affect the pupils’ mood, motivation and performance.

This research indicates that softer and neutral tones can help create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. All these factors aid concentration and reduce stress.

On the other hand, more vibrant colours can stimulate energy, creativity and active participation.

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Valchromat provides the opportunity to work with both neutral and vibrant colours, creating more relaxing or more stimulating environments. With its palette of 11 colours, you can add personality to furniture, partitions or other items in the office or the classroom.

Safety and Non-Toxicity

One of Valchromat’s foremost strong points is its non-toxic composition.

Unlike other commonly used materials, like MDF, Valchromat uses non-toxic components with a low formaldehyde emission rate. This makes it a safe option in environments for children and adults.

Valchromat is certified by the EN 71-3 European Standard, which confirms it can be used safely in toys and children’s furniture.

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Thermal and Acoustic Comfort

Another notable feature of using Valchromat in schools and offices is the thermal and acoustic comfort it provides.

Valchromat acts as a natural insulating material, reducing heat transfer, which helps keep a pleasant and stable temperature.

It also has acoustic properties, absorbing noise and reducing the propagation of sound, thus creating a more peaceful environment that aids concentration.

Versatility of Applications

Another advantage of Valchromat is its versatility in terms of applications.

The panel can be used in furniture, such as tables, chairs, bookcases and cupboards, and also as a lining for walls, partitions and decorative panels.

Its strength and durability make Valchromat an intelligent choice for environments with a high throughput of people, such as schools and offices.

Wellbeing and Sustainability

In today’s world, where sustainability is a growing concern, Valchromat stands out as an environmentally friendly material. It is made from wood obtained from certified forests, which contributes to the preservation of natural resources.

When going back to work and school, it is important to be in healthy, productive and comfortable environments in terms of the temperature and sound level. These environments must also be sustainable. On all counts, Valchromat is an excellent option.

  • It provides the possibility of adding colour to the environment, without compromising health and safety
  • Its versatility allows a broad variety of applications
  • Thermal and acoustic comfort
  • Sustainability

All these factors make Valchromat an ideal material for modern schools and offices.

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Invest in Valchromat and transform your place of work or study into an inspirational and healthy environment for everyone.



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“Effects of Colour on Emotions and Task Performance” (Kwallek, N., et al., 1997) and “The Influence of Colour on Learning and Behaviour”* (Kuo, F. E., 2004)

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