Valchromat Certificate


CE Marking

CE marking gives Valbopan-Fibras de Madeira S.A. a Factory Control Compliance Certificate (1328-CPR-0062). This certificate attests that all the provisions related to the assessment and verification of the regularity of performance described in Standard EN 13986: 2004 + A1: 2015, in accordance with the 2+ system are applied and that the control of production in the factory meets all the established requirements .

ISO 9001

The Quality Management System of Valbopan – Fibras de Madeira S.A. is certified according to the standard NP EN IS 9001: 2015, for the activities of Manufacture of Agglomerate of Wood Fibers by Dry process (MDF.HLS-Valchromat)



Valbopan has PEFC ™ chain of custody certification, allowing to demonstrate the legal and sustainable use of forest products, implemented according to the percentage of production method: meets the requirements for the use of the claim “100% PEFC certified”, in accordance , with the PEFC ST 2002: 2013 standard. The product can also contribute to obtaining LEED credits.

Upon request, the Valchromat panel can be supplied with a certificate. License to use the PEFC ™ brand PEFC / 13-31-027).


Valbopan has a Chain of Responsibility (CdR) in accordance with the principles and criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®). The product can be supplied with an FSC® “FSC Mix Credit” certificate or with a Controlled Wood (CW) certificate. The product can also contribute to obtaining LEED credits.

License to use the FSC® brand FSC-C101993


Valbopan with the product Valchromat E05 complies with the requirements for formaldehyde emissions, according to annex 1 of article 3 of the Chemical Prohibition Law (ChemVerbotsV), value equal to or less than 0.05 ppm. Valchromat E05 can be supplied on request.

CARB US EPA TSCA Title VI & CARB Phase 2 Certified

In accordance with EPA provisions, formaldehyde emissions are limited to 0.11ppm for the category of composite wood products, Medium Density Fibreboard. Upon request, the Valchromat panel can be supplied with CARB EPA TSCA Title VI & CARB Phase 2 certification.

Classe A+ French VOC Label

According to the French Regulation that characterizes the emissions of volatile organic substances (VOC), formaldehyde, acetaldehyde and other carcinogens of A +, A, B and C, class A + being the most demanding of the classes. The Valchromat panel is classified as Class A + (ISO 16000), with values ​​well below the class limits.


Valchromat panel complies with the requirements of the EN 71-3 Toy Safety standard, which regulates the limit of toxic substances that toy manufacturing materials can have.



CE Marking

CE marking allows to prove that the Viroc panel complies with the normative requirements of the harmonized technical reference specification EN 13986:2004+A1:2015, according to the 2+ system, complying with the established requirements of factory production control.

The CE marking gives Viroc Portugal -Ind Indústria de Madeiras e Cimento S.A. a Certificate of Conformity of Factory Production Control (380-CPR-601).

The CE marking certifies that the products are in compliance with all European Union regulatory provisions applied with regard to the health and safety of users, consumers and environmental protection.


The V-Urban panel is a Viroc panel for ventilated facades, being supplied varnished. They have an Avis Technique issued by the CSTB. There is a technical support file for consultation.