Toys & Valchromat, the winning combination

Every year new toys are developed, both for fun and educational purposes. Toys can be modern, but they must also be durable, safe and resistant. Colour is very important in children’s worlds, as it stimulates the imagination and is something they value. Thus, the Valchromat 11-colour palette is a strong point in choosing this panel to make the Croc Toys and Koki Toys.

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Valchromat submitted to the bending test

The bending strength test is one of the main mechanical tests used in quality control of the properties of panels, determining the bending tensile strength and modulus of elasticity in bending, required for CE Marking in compliance with the respective European standards (EN 310- test method and EN 13986).

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“Aujourd’hui” by

The exhibition dedicated to the question: “How to live in today’s world?” was attended by a strong Valchromat presence.
Exhibition at the Emerige Foundation, Voltaire room. This Foundation is dedicated to researching new ways of building, supporting young architects who want to innovate
in thinking about new sustainable residential spaces.

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