The large producers linked to the construction industry are betting on the technologies of the future. Investwood wants to be at the forefront and give the necessary tools to architectures for the best development of their work.

BIM objects, an essential and strategic tool that provides advantages, avoiding errors and omissions in project and work

More than a 3D drawing, this technology allows you to obtain all the technical characteristics and costs associated with the use of the material.

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For professional use, with all the essential technical information for your project. The downloadable files are for Autodesk Revit software, for Revit versions 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.



BIM Information


BIM Objects are a great option in my daily professional life.
A strategic tool that brings us up to date with the world community in terms of legislation and options design in the market.
While managing it, I can easily calculate and control project costs, deadlines and risks. When I use them, I see in real time the improvements I can add to the process.
They are a crucial asset for more innovative and complex projects.

Sara Brito, Architect

I discovered the BIM concept when I started using Revit. My design project changed completely and the construction perception has evolved a lot. It is an asset to work with "real" objects, for me and my clients, since I can control the quality and costs of construction from the design phase. Control over the final result of the construction is very important.

Ana Ferreira, Architect