BIM Objects for all – Viroc and Valchromat present in the Bim Objects Platform

From now on you can find us in the biggest library of Bim objects in the world. At your disposal, you will have all the information and inspiration you need to design faster, smarter and more sustainable.

BIM has opened the way for easier, more complete and effective communication between the various specialists involved in a project (architects, engineers, contractors, owners…).

Facilitating is our purpose when we make our BIM objects available on the worldwide platform, you will have on the website all the information you need to use our materials with the necessary structure to enhance your project.

With this concept developed and the information on your side, everyone involved in the construction process can view the model in different ways as required, add or modify information in real time and many other functions, without having to convert files or have interpersonal contact between professionals.

We call this facilitated communication and mutual help.

We hope to be present in more projects.


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