BIM Objects as an integral part of Investwood’s digitalisation process

As part of Investwood’s digitalisation process, aimed at lending the company positive positioning in the eyes of influencers and distributors, we have developed Building Information Modelling Objects (BIM Objects) for our main products – Valchromat and Viroc.

BIM is a methodology that allows digital simulations to be created, manipulating all the information of an architectural project. This system incorporates the fourth and fifth dimensions (time and costs), allowing us to manage the whole life cycle of a project with the advantage of automating the design, programming, analysis, documentation, production, logistics and construction processes.

“The BIM Objects system is the ideal tool for my daily work. By using it I can easily calculate and control the costs, deadlines and risks of the project. When I use the system, I can see the improvements I can make throughout the whole process in real time.”

The projects modelled using BIM allow the inclusion of real products and materials that will then be implemented in the construction process, incorporating all the characteristics, specifications and information of acquisition. This allows a joint effort among architects, customers, builders and engineers, transforming all the phases into a single intelligent process. 

“The system is an asset that paves the way for more innovative and complex projects.”

*This article was written with the collaboration of the Architect Sara Brito. 

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