“Aujourd’hui” by @nous.computer

NOUS, a European office founded by architects Guilhem Solère & Telmo Escapil-Inchauspé, wanted in this exhibition to demonstrate the ability to produce architectural quality by accepting all the “conditions of the present” as opportunities.

The exhibition dedicated to the question: “How to live in today’s world?” was attended by a strong Valchromat presence. 

Exhibition at the Emerige Foundation, Voltaire room. This Foundation is dedicated to researching new ways of building, supporting young architects who want to innovate in thinking about new sustainable residential spaces.

They took an example of common architecture, a block of flats in Paris and made a scale model, relying on Valchromat for its construction.

They wanted to demonstrate that “Living with architecture is the only imposition that allows us to give inhabitants renewed possibilities to enjoy what is now, here”. Thus, each influencer creates different spaces, relying on the climate, lighting, structural calculation and architectural theory”.

The role of the architect then shifts from a position of control and subjectivity to one of permission: let the inhabitants live with the architecture.

Architecture becomes a function of man, of life. By changing our look, our angle, our perspective, we create alternative potentialities. In this place, through the encounter with these works, through the relationships we create, we compose a common change, in a common desire to open the paths of future trajectories.

This is a new story, there are several others.

Valchromat was the material chosen to feature in this artistic exhibition, for its technical qualities and easy machinability, it will certainly be an experience to be repeated, mainly because it is a vehicle for promoting the architects of the future.

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