Architecture reflecting a new concept for offices

Today’s workplace is being transformed to adapt to the new requirements. This trend is reflected in the corporate architecture and interior design of major business centres all around the world. Collaborative, flexible and disruptive corporate environments are gaining ground in business architecture to meet the needs of the new post-pandemic work model.

The concept goes far beyond open space. We are talking about innovative and eclectic environments that create a unique interactive ambience amongst the workers. In addition to the work itself, attention is paid to the wellbeing, sociability and natural rhythm of each person and the space they need to do their job.

The layout of the offices may vary, depending on the culture of each country, like the need for spaces to have lunch or take a break in the middle of the afternoon, but this disruptive movement is taking place all over the world. Business premises are becoming more minimalist and functional, given that work is no longer a place to go to, but rather an activity to be done, and this is key to companies attempting to boost productivity and increase the satisfaction of their staff.

Zamnes Office

Offices are designed almost like university campuses, facilitating transparency with open spaces and more elegant and welcoming colours, materials and furniture, providing the employees with the opportunity to carry out their tasks in different environments.

The sustainable character of the buildings and their interior spaces is also taken into account in the new concept for offices. The use of materials of certified origin, façades and roofs that enhance thermal comfort and natural light, efficient and low-consumption air circulation systems and equipment, sustainable energy sources and incentives for alternative transport means are all important aspects in the creation of modern and innovative  environments tailored to the new requirements.

Valchromat panels are the ideal option for the interior of corporate premises and offices, whether for walls, decorative panels or furniture. Thanks to their unique features and excellent versatility, the panels adapt to a range of uses and activities in each environment.

With a greater density than standard MDF and coloured throughout their thickness, Valchromat panels support heavy loads and can be easily machine worked, making it the ideal material for safety, colour and originality in each project, as well as being non-toxic and meeting the environmental quality requirements for new work spaces.

Seedrs Office

The panels provide acoustic insulation and thermal comfort, combining the aesthetics of their colours and finishes with functionality, improving the quality of the corporate environments. The waterproof property of the material also makes it suitable for use in damp environments and it can be made even more resistant upon treatment with protective varnishes or waxes.

Among the 11 different Valchromat colours available, which one would you like to choose for your new working environment?

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