Architecture and furniture design trends for 2024

Architecture and furniture design are constantly evolving, looking for new ways to create functional and aesthetically appealing spaces.

As we approach 2024, it’s exciting to anticipate the trends that will shape our environments next year. In this article, you’ll find some trends that will revolutionise the world of architecture and furniture design, highlighting the advantages of Viroc and Valchromat panels.

Sustainability in focus

In an increasingly sustainability-conscious world, choosing environmentally-friendly materials is essential. Two products that stand out in this scenario are Viroc and Valchromat, both of which offer exceptional advantages.

Viroc is a unique material that combines cement and wood, resulting in an elegant and modern industrial look. It is made from wood chips from sustainable forests. The mixture of cement and wood gives Viroc exceptional durability, making it ideal for façades, wall cladding, flooring and furniture. The texture of the Viroc panels creates a warm and attractive look and feel that blends in perfectly with various design aesthetics.

On the other hand, Valchromat is a vibrant and colourful choice that also prioritises sustainability. Made from wood fibres, Valchromat is an eco-friendly option for designers who want to add a diverse colour palette to their projects. The bright shades available allow you to explore boldness in your projects. From deep, dark tones to bright, intense colours, Valchromat offers exceptional flexibility and customisation. Its undeniable durability makes it ideal for furniture and three-dimensional surfaces.

Vibrant and contrasting colours

With the growing popularity of bold, contrasting colours, Valchromat could shine in interior projects in 2024. The range of vibrant colours allows designers and architects to explore their projects boldly. Colour adds personality and energy to any space, from a contemporary living room to a cosy kitchen or a modern office.

Viroc allows you to have the appearance of concrete combined with distinctive colours, achieved through organic pigments, which result in a heterogeneous and natural appearance. With Viroc we take advantage of a varied colour palette for use mostly outdoors.

Versatility and creative applications

Viroc and Valchromat stand out for their versatility.

Viroc is suitable for covering walls, facades, floors and even furniture. It adds a unique dimension and visual texture to spaces, making them a truly memorable experience.

Valchromat is a versatile choice for furniture such as shelves, cabinets and more, allowing you to incorporate bright colours into any project.

Multifunctional spaces and modularity

Concerns about limited space and the need to maximise the usefulness of environments mean that multifunctional spaces and modularity will be prominent trends in 2024.

Modular furniture, such as folding beds, expandable tables and adaptable shelving, will become increasingly popular. These smart solutions allow small spaces to be used more efficiently, serving different purposes throughout the day.

The ability to adapt an environment according to the needs of the moment offers unprecedented flexibility and versatility. This factor meets the demands of a constantly changing contemporary lifestyle.

Technological integration and intelligent connectivity

Technology is fundamental to interior design and, by 2024; the integration of smart devices and home automation systems will be the norm.

Furniture and architectural elements will be designed to accommodate technology, providing a more convenient and connected living experience. Residential and commercial spaces will become increasingly intelligent and efficient. Whether it is through lighting and temperature control, security or entertainment systems. Controlling and customising these systems via mobile devices and voice assistants make everyday life more convenient and efficient.

When planning architecture and furniture design projects for 2024, be sure to explore the options offered by Viroc and Valchromat panels. These sustainable and versatile materials can help you achieve your design goals while providing aesthetic beauty and environmental awareness.

The future of architecture and furniture design is bright. These innovative trends are at the forefront of the transformations that are about to begin in our spaces in 2024 and beyond.

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