Application of Viroc in commercial premises

Appearance and durability are crucial factors for the success of commercial businesses, and as such it is essential to select innovative and functional materials. Some options have been gaining ground, and Viroc stands out as a versatile choice. This material offers and exceptional combination of style and durability.

In this article we will explore the application of Viroc for commercial premises. We highlight how the material can transform environments, not only endowing them with pleasing aesthetics, but also ensuring endurance and longevity.

What is Viroc?

Viroc is a wood and cement compound material that combines the natural properties of wood with the robustness of cement. This fusion results in a highly resistant, durable and aesthetically appealing product. The unique combination of wood fibres and cement creates a material that is simultaneously flexible and strong. It is therefore ideal for a variety of applications, especially in commercial premises.

Style and elegance

One of the most striking features of Viroc is its unique appearance. The wood fibres lend it a natural and warm look, while the solidity of the cement ensures it has a modern and industrial touch.


The variety of tones and textures available provides designers with a vast range of options. It allows environments to be customised that showcase the identity and style of the brand. Whether as linings for walls, floors and false ceilings, or for furniture and decorative items, Viroc provides sophisticated aesthetics that stand out.

Exceptional durability

As well as its appealing appearance, Viroc is known for its exceptional durability. In busy commercial premises, where wear and tear is inevitable, this material is highly resistant to scratches, impacts and other damage.

Its capacity to withstand adverse conditions makes it the ideal choice for places with a high throughput of people. Business owners can rest assured that their premises will retain their sheen for over time.

Versatile applications

The versatility of Viroc is shown by its array of different applications in commercial premises. It can be used to line façades or to create interior divisions, as well as for counters and worktops. The possibilities are almost endless.

Integrated sustainability

As well as its aesthetic and performance attributes, Viroc also stands out as a sustainable material. It combines wood, a renewable resource, with cement, the production of which consumes less energy than other traditional materials.

This material is hence in tune with today’s environmental concerns. This sustainability factor meets the expectations of the modern market. It also enables the construction of more ecological commercial premises.

In an increasingly competitive commercial sector, a choice of materials that combine style and durability is essential. Viroc, with its unique aesthetics, excellent durability and versatility, is a perfect option to transform commercial businesses into attractive and long-lasting environments. By opting for Viroc, business owners and architects are not investing solely in a material. They are also shaping experiences, building brands and creating spaces that will pass the test of time in the most elegant way.


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