About us


Investwood, SA is a Portuguese company that manages the production and sales of wood fibre boards and cement-wood boards.


The wood fibre boards production is made in one plant, Valbopan, SA, located in Portugal, Famalicão da Nazaré. 

The cement-wood boards are produced in Viroc, SA, also located in Portugal, Setúbal.


Valbopan - Fibras de Madeira, S.A.

Valbopan, SA produces wood fibre boards, MDF Valbopan® and Valchromat®, using pine wood in its production.
It was established in August 1988 and it is a specialized unit in premium products.

Viroc Portugal - Indústrias de Madeira e Cimento S.A.

Viroc, SA produces cement-wood boards, Viroc®, a composite material, composed by a compressed and dry mixture of pine wood particles and Portland cement.

The plant was created in 1979 in France and established in 1992 in Portugal.